Wednesday 29 January 2014

Edward Snowden's "Informal" Computer Training

I don't know about you but there's something about Edward Snowden that doesn't add up. I don't buy that he still isn't working for the national security parasite complex. He's not a computer administrator. He's a CIA spy who worked in Switzerland as such.

Update: He reminds us of his CIA career.

He's too smart to have rejected a college education without giving a good reason and hints in this interview (on Youtube now pulled) at an 'informal education' that somebody provided. 

Snowjob hasn't told me anything I don't know and he flat out tells a lie in this interview that he gave all his information to the American public. 

That's not true. 

Glen Greenwald took it, gave us 1% of nothing and is now scoring a book and movie deal with HollyWeird™ and a publishing venture with an NSA partner Paypal, while Edward Snowden claims like George Bush:

Mission Accomplished what a scrotum.

Nevertheless, the German Interviewer (video now pulled) here is so much more superior than the dribble the English language media-world spits out. Take a look yourself. Make your own mind up.

Here's a more interesting analysis of what's going on.

I recommend reading Naomi Wolf's piece on Ed Snowjob

Update: Wayne Madsen confirms that it's most likely Ed Snowjob is factional warfare between the CIA and NSA. This makes a lot of sense. Any friction between the two is good for us but that doesn't mean we're getting the whole story.