Saturday, 24 August 2013

Black Hawk Down

On Thursday we came up to Chiang Mai to do a bunch of stuff including checking out the remote controlled drone helicopter that we have bought and strapped a high definition camera to the undercarriage.

I think the shots look stunning and yes that's me in my cowboy hat on the porch hoping the video will get the mountain range behind. Truly stunning scenery.

Not long after taking this shot i grabbed an iPad and took it for a walk around the grounds to capture the place on video. I heard a scream and turning round saw the helicopter plummet into a tree whipping the leaves with its six rotor blades and landing rotorless on the ground.

Anyway we're having some more blades sent up from Bangkok on the Pony Express and with a bit of luck we'll be back in action to shoot that porn.. I mean exotic holiday movie we've come up here to do.

We call it Villa Life

Here's an ad I wrote to explain why it kicks ass compared to dull hotels which are actually much more expensive than if you get a group together in a Villa.