Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Great Gore Vidal on Coincidence Theorists

Gore Vidal was the only person of his class who had the courage to take a closer look at the events of his day, and saw what many of us have concluded. The official narrative is nonsense.

It is for this reason we have to give Gore Vidal credit where it is due. He was a real intellectual and there are so few of them in the spineless consensus reality dupes that the corporate media and power elite serve up for those who have 30 second attention spans between spectator sports and reality shows.

The media are trying to smear his reputation now, but this is the same media that protected Jimmy Savile. Don't trust them. They're smearing his name because he told us a little about reality. 

I wont link to the stories but you can find them with a quick search.

Update: I had to change the video which was a C-SPAN clip. It was much better than the one I've replaced it with but the original wasn't functioning.