Sunday, 5 January 2014

American Hustle

If you believe in movies where the FBI bust a clutch of Senators for bribe taking, you've probably not noticed that in real life the FBI and the Senators are a crime syndicate who generally bust ordinary people for trivial stuff compared to their own degenerate actions.

That said, American Hustle is worth watching just to see Christian Bale transform himself yet again, in the opposite direction of his role in The Machinist. From Belsen Camp survivor to pot bellied comb over. He's a professional actor. He does the job and does it well.

Whoever cast this movie secured two of the finest female performances (Bale's wife and lover) I've seen since Blue Valentine but unfortunately got it completely wrong on a Mayor. There are no nice guys in politics and if they are nice they certainly don't quiff like a Teddy Boy.
The writing is average, the plot tries to be comedy and drama without really doing either but there are some great stylish scenes and once again, the two female actresses are superb. 

It''s worth watching just to see them, and their bathroom scene where some strong truths are said and a surprisingly unexpected something or other that I wont spoil for you if you decide to watch it.