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Monday 2 July 2018

Why The Media Can't Prove QAnon Is A Conspiracy Theory

Regime change in Iran sounds exactly like the anti-semitic Zionist-Neocon agenda all over again that has failed in Syria, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere.

I have met Iranians who told me they hate their government. 

It's just not the US Military's problem when we know who were the key players in 9/11 were-not-was, and who dominates US political discourse.

Focus on arresting Hillary and Obama and a few child abusing Luciferians, and then you can use your soft power if you wish in Iran.

I believe QAnon should deliver concrete results at home before aping the toxic AIPAC agenda, that dominates Trump and most QAnontards, who haven't learned that QAnon as fighter-for-the-people is just another Daddy issue for U-mans who haven't learned to grow up themselves, and take responsibility for their beliefs.

The Messiah Complex has been well documented over thousands of years.

That said, I have no doubt that QAnon is connected to the Oval office, militarily or otherwise.

In this respect the media have checkmated themselves in a very unusual endgame.

The more they cry conspiracy, the more stupid they look if not-one reporter will ask Trump what his connection to Q is.

The one thing the media never do, is ask the right question.

But this time they may have no option.

Your move. 

Thursday 26 April 2018

QAnon Analysis - Jordan Sather

This is the first time I've come across Jordan Sather, and although he may be young he's rather good, and has impressed me from the get-go with his communication style and ability to soberly analyse the QAnon phenomenon.

He mentions something that hadn't really occurred to me consciously. 

About 5 years ago a White Hat 'mass-arrests' narrative emerged online which was leaped on by less discerning conspiracy researchers. I never saw anything that gave me hope and frankly I don't believe in the messiah/saviour complex, so I never wrote about it, and it fizzled out after a few months, as the 'impending-arrests' narrative, never actually delivered.

I wondered at the time if it was a psyop? A way to data-mine the kind of people who have just enough knowledge to be dangerous but not enough discernment to research information for reliability.

In other words, perfect patsies in an electronic information war.

Later on we learned that it's quite possible a military coup against Obama was planned around that time, but even more important it paved the way for the idea to emerge again or echo in a more robust way. 

Sometimes I think a similar thing happened with my Spy vs Spy post, which isn't quite happening exactly as I wrote it back then, but as we now see, the Deep State is indeed in a war with Military Intelligence (who actually own the NSA, though clearly it's been used by the dark side since its inception for nefarious purposes).

I know that's quite egotistical for me to claim, but it is also at the very least a coincidence worth mentioning.

Now then, Just because I reject the messiah complex, that doesn't mean I don't think people shouldn't do their jobs.

For example the FBI should be arresting the child sexual abusers instead of owning the child porn servers for revenue and blackmail.

The NSA should be apprehending those who share electronic information about ritual child sex abuse and other Satanic practices instead of being used as an alarm bell to protect those people.

The CIA should be just collecting intelligence threats from abroad instead of acting as the corporate espionage assets of USA/whoever actually runs it Inc.

In this respect the QAnon phenom is very refreshing. It feels that by and large Trump and his team are doing a job that makes a lot of sense with the QAnon back channel comms.

Despited that, I'm disappointed by the latest claims regarding Armenia which I recall from a couple of years ago is a tough country to dissect in terms of allegiance to the West or East. 

We activists are more interested in good versus bad, but the recent colour revolution there celebrated by QAnon's followers, more resembles the Obama/Hillary/McCain illegal colour revolution in the Ukraine which has obviously been a disaster for the people there.

That said, I've learned that old victims can become new oppressors very quickly, and so I'm entertaining ideas that Iran has been exploited by the usual players, and is no longer as innocent as it once was. 

I've not seen the evidence but I'm open to more information in that direction.

In the past I would have filtered it out before I digested it.

That's bias for you.

Sunday 26 August 2018

QAnon, Trump & Shit-Stain McCain

In order to understand QAnon a working grasp of Game Theory, Gematria, Occult Inversion Theory, Revelation of the Method and what is inaccurately described as conspiracy theory (reality) in the fake news media is required.

One thing the media will never talk about is what QAnon actually publishes, thus keeping people in ignorance with 2nd or 3rd hand information when you can experience it for yourself.

I suggest putting McCain or "No Name" or "We Don't Say His Name" into the search box and learning a thing or two about reality.

Future proves past.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Shall We Play A Game? - QAnon

It does look like QAnon is running with the Zionist controlled Netanyahu/Trump narrative that Iran is the evil player when in fact we know that Israel is the overwhelming historical player/problem after USS Liberty and 9/11 to name just two.

I've been wrong-footed before by QAnon, and I'm open to the idea that Iran has been weaponised by the corrupt Obama administration and the legitimate return of confiscated money however strategicaly disadvantageou, but if Q is a Zionist, he/they and their followers can pleasure themselves.

Patriots don't sell out. 

Patriotism doesn't sweep 9/11 under the carpet, and Patriotism doesn't peddle the obscene holo-cost narrative either as some kind of pistol whip of moral probity.

We shall soon see. 

Is this a transformational turning point, in what to date has definitely been a non mainstream media-outlet, providing insider information but may well be yet another limited hangout.

Saturday 23 June 2018

Wednesday 11 April 2018

QAnon - Deception Bytes - Mishel McCumber

One of the enjoyable dynamics of the QAnon narrative is the spectrum of knowledge that is dropped on 4Chan and 8Chan. This knowledge is fairly well established in conspiracy research circles, but is new to many of the Anons and their readers.

Nevertheless, the recent false flag chemical attack in Syria will determine if QAnon is just another shill or if Trump is really playing an unusual hand... complete with hand signals.

Mishel McCumber's analysis is as good as it gets and well worth reviewing even if for only understanding the phenomenon.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Wikileaks & QAnon

Waiting Frith

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks. 

Friday 28 December 2012

Spy Vs Spy - Shall We Play A Game #QAnon

When General Petraeus moved from DoD to CIA and Leon Panetta moved from DoD to CIA I sensed a broader strategic aim than the individual job functions. I gave it some thought and came away with a hypothesis that mocked the corporate media's radio silence on the subject.

It occurred to me given the depth of depravity the CIA engages in (e.g. JFK assassination, drug trafficking, Beta Sex Slaves and Mind Control of paedophile victims as well as filming and blackmailing power elite politicians in the US Senate) and the warmongering iniquity of the Pentagon that the way to neutralize both of them is to get them to be at war with each other.

My analysis concluded that QAnon had pulled off a highly creative if not genius move of "castling" the Defence and Spying institution leadership. In this way you'd have CIA and DIA less easy to distinguish. It is my suggestion that this is the best way to create inter department conflict which is a good basis for slimming down both organizations i.e. do what the CIA has done to a hundred countries around the world; divide and rule them with competition from Defence Intelligence. 

My last thought on this matter or rather extending the thinking further is to merge the two entities of CIA & Defence, and then let them slug it out for who gets to keep their jobs. You do this by encouraging civil war within the new entity though to a lesser extent in Defence and Defence Intelligence for historical and hardware reasons. In this manner we get everybody ratting on everybody, but only the best survive with Obama in charge figuring out which factions are necessary to succeed. The result at the end is a slimmer intelligence and warmongering agenda betweƒen both DoD and CIA.  Or to put it simply only one army drone bombing their allies Pakistan and Yemen and thus easier to control.

Naturally this process means there will be less involvement in drugs and a general clean up of the pus that is the American (and British if they are smart enough to take my advice) spying business.

One must be familiar with the CIA's influence over the New York Times and the DIA & ONI's preference for controlling the Washington Post to reach the conclusion I have, but I can provide additional links if requested privately.

A lot is going on in front of our very eyes if we just discard what the corporate media are saying. Their inability to see what 9/11 is all about is beyond fiction. 

They Are Worthless.

Update: It appears the turf war is between the NSA and the CIA. The NSA is of course run by the military so my hypothesis has some credence but now takes a new twist.

Update 6 years later in 2018: Maybe somebody was listening and took my advice? 

Friday 2 February 2018

Trey Gowdy Leaving To Pursue Legal Justice

Qanon told us Trey Gowdy would be stepping down 17 days ago. Qanon has frequently informed us of events before they happen. Long before the toxic corporate media catch up on their increasingly self evident demise.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

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Sunday 14 May 2023

When The SHT Goes Down


Just so there's no confusion. I'm not an 'Anon'. I think I'm the only person who used their full name on the chans when the Q team were posting and not only was it noticed but I received a friendly warning.

In addition it's important to remind people that qanon is a media portmanteau and lazy nomenclature because the facts are very simple. There is Q - military psychological operation with Q clearance, team of no more than 10 probably closer to 6 with access to President Trump and the Oval Office during 45's term - and there are Anons. If I use the qanon post tag/label it's for unimpotant or flippant stuff like this. But if I'm dropping important information. It's just the Q label.

Now if you were really paying attention, Q clearance is the highest in the Department of Energy. Do you know who else had Q  clearance? Sam Brinton.


There are no coincidences.

If I documented them all it would take a six thousand six hundred, and sixty six hours. It's the context that is almost impossible to outline. The timing, what was going on, what were the themes, what were the sequence of events leading up to to any drops in particular and so on and so forth.

Not of all of it was interesting. The mid-terms cheerleading had a different tonality and many say it was hijacked. I've written too much. I'm not the go-to expert, but every time I do cover the topic, the traffic goes up and it's not 'consumers' checking in. I can tell you that for nothing.

Here's the chief laying it out straight in simple language the uncommon man, can understand.

Friday 16 February 2018

Dr Jerome Corsi Is A Very Confused Gentleman #QAnon

Jerome Corsi is doing interesting if somewhat speculative analysis of the QAnon phenomenon. However the stench of his self deception has to be documented to ensure that it's only the truth tellers who rise to the top.

Corsi claims he has an intelligence background/clearance working for the State Department in the past. If so how could he not know that MI6 stands for Military Intelligence Six not Military One Six as he has repeatedly stated in recordings?

Then I noticed he referred to Kazhakistan. I think he means Kazakhstan. This could be simple senility.

Earlier today I heard him refer to the Stoics of Ancient Rome, when they originated in Ancient Greece. Again, another slip that isn't important but does build a picture.

Finally he has implied that Kissinger is a White Hat.

This is the ultimate insult so I'll just remind him of his greatest Faux Pas.

ISIS are Sunni Muslims not Shiite, Dr. Corsi, and the West/Israel created them to stoke up the Sunni Shiite divide. Iran has been destroyed by the deep state and the money they got  back from Obama (admittedly an unorthodox deal) was their own confiscated money.

What Corsi hasn't figured out is Hezbollah are on our side, not the Deep State's side. I will shred him in any debate on this subject that he has the courage to engage with me live and recorded. 

I wont mention Israel's key role in 9/11.

Saturday 29 September 2018

The Downfall of Fake Paedo Hunter - Craig Sawyer #QAnon

About ex Navy Seal..... Craig Sawyer, is the opposite of justice for children who have been trafficked and/or sexually abused. 

I've been writing about this from the beginning and explained it in greater detail over here.

The presentation above is particularly fascinating. I believe Bill Brockbrader informed us most on SEAL training #QAnon

Sunday 13 May 2018

QAnon For Beginners - Praying Medic

An excellent introduction to the subject of Qanon. However for a more substantive comprehension the material has to be studied as the drops are made when the context is freshest.

One of the features of Q drops is that future proves past so old posts become reality later on.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Jeffrey Epstein & QAnon

I used to say that Jeffrey Epstein was just a Mossad sexual blackmail operation run by a sleazy paedophile billionaire funded by Les Wexner of Victoria's Secret, but that there was no hint of Satanism or ritual abuse.

That was until QAnon dropped crumbs on the subject.

I no longer believe that, and it's only right I document my change of opinion as this blog has always been an ongoing record of my thoughts as I acquire new information.

Five years ago I used to think I was about 70% correct but I now think it's more likely closer to 55%.

Still better averages than the lamestream media.

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Is QAnon Another Regime Change Psyop?

Why doesn't QAnon start with Regime Change at home by arresting the corporate media Zionists, HRC/Hussein and the Child Rape network?

Saturday 12 May 2018

QAnon - Black Hats & White Hats by Praying Medic

I've been working my way through the entire QAnon archive which (as it) stands at a couple of hundred pages of a self-created pdf document, although it is abbreviation-dense and somewhat cryptic to the beginner.

It's now clear to me that it's a Presidential back channel for what is going on behind the scenes. 

I don't always agree with their assessment/analysis of geopolitical dynamics, but I don't have the intel clearance they have, and even the Syria strikes amounted to very little damage.

More like optics to keep possession of the ball.

In this respect the Lame Stream Media are easily wrong footed every time, and their chants of conspiracy theory have blinded themselves to the most important intel drop in the history of information.

I've learned more from watching these military boys run a hybrid information warfare offensive coupled with geopolitical action than pretty much any other subject.

I've studied this subject and it's hard not to use the word genius from time to time, as it's all in plain sight, and completely grounded in the essence of human spirit, courage and intelligence.

My spy versus spy post was a reasonable description back in 2012 of what we are now seeing, take place.

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Handle With Care

I wonder if any propaganda journalist has studied the QAnon psychological operation as long as some of the autists on 8 Chan?

Thursday 24 September 2020

Sons of Light vs Sons of Darkness - The Great Economic Reset

Around about the beginning of 2020 a fellow researcher and long time friend noticed that "The Great Awakening", and similar proclamations by Q of QAnon fame, echoes a lot of New Age literature embedded in the Lucis Trust that has Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

The Lucis trust initially named Lucifer Publishing Company, was established by Alice and Foster Bailey in May 1922 and proselytises the Luciferian argument that Lucifer is the provider of light despite being cast down by God as a former angel.

The more I looked into this argument the more evidence I found, and my friend's thesis (which I'll be sharing more of in greater detail) developed into a simple dialectic which, he claims, will mean the forces for good (Trump et al) will vanquish the forces of darkness (Hillary et al) and then present the post Covid-19 world population with an economic Faustian pact that will reset the economy, introduce a global cryptocurrency (meaning the end of the petrodollar), and provide a Universal Basic Income for all people, unable or unwilling to find rewarding work.

Put simply my friend's research implies that both sides are controlled and even after one side has imploded, the same power will be in place, but widely perceived as 'the good guy', thus precipitating a New Economic Model.

I'm a Q researcher and probably know more than anyone I've met in real life on the subject, so while I'm not fully convinced of the impending outcome of the 'sons of light versus sons of darkness', I will know the signs to confirm my friend's research (which is largely historical bloodline and tribal/secret society movements) and I will know when to concede if I'm wrong.

I've done enough research to confirm the economic reset is coming, but now it's a case of waiting out for the Faustian pact part of the deal, which will result in a new world order as outlined by Aldous Huxley and Orwell.

Vaccines for everyone, stunted IQ, plummeting sperm counts, and a two tier society where no questions are asked and control is absolute.

We shall see about that, but one things is already in the bag. 

Nothing will go back to the way it was.

A change I welcome.

Update 9/11/2023: Genocider Netanyahu has been spitting children of light vs children of darkness tweets to justify the ongoing genocide in Gaza (False flag hybrid event) AND THEN DELETED THEM.

Rishi Sunak was tweeting Divali Celebrations on the triumph of light over darkness'. But that's impossible while Israel controls UK domestic and Foreign policy with Sunak and Starmer competing over who can grovel hardest during a seismic and irreversible shift in global sentiment. Out of touch, out of ideas and absent the necessary courage to stand with the people against genocide.

And if you're still in denial about what is going. Allow me to leave you with the team who lit the fuse with 29 drops on Dark to Light. Here's the last drop on the subject dated June 3rd (3/6) 2020

..and here's the the first drop by the Q psychological operation on Dark to Light.

That was dropped on 11/11. I wonder if we'll see some changes on Remembrance weekend?