Wednesday 2 May 2018

Shall We Play A Game? - QAnon

It does look like QAnon is running with the Zionist controlled Netanyahu/Trump narrative that Iran is the evil player when in fact we know that Israel is the overwhelming historical player/problem after USS Liberty and 9/11 to name just two.

I've been wrong-footed before by QAnon, and I'm open to the idea that Iran has been weaponised by the corrupt Obama administration and the legitimate return of confiscated money however strategicaly disadvantageou, but if Q is a Zionist, he/they and their followers can pleasure themselves.

Patriots don't sell out. 

Patriotism doesn't sweep 9/11 under the carpet, and Patriotism doesn't peddle the obscene holo-cost narrative either as some kind of pistol whip of moral probity.

We shall soon see. 

Is this a transformational turning point, in what to date has definitely been a non mainstream media-outlet, providing insider information but may well be yet another limited hangout.