Friday, 16 February 2018

Dr Jerome Corsi Is A Very Confused Gentleman #QAnon

Jerome Corsi is doing interesting if somewhat speculative analysis of the QAnon phenomenon.

 However the stench of his self deception has to be documented to ensure that it's only the truth tellers who rise to the top.

Corsi claims he has an intelligence background/clearance working for the State Department in the past. If so how could he not know that MI6 stands for Military Intelligence Six not Military One Six as he has repeatedly stated in recordings?

Then I noticed he referred to Kazhakistan. I think he means Kazakhstan. This could be simple senility.

Earlier today I heard him refer to the Stoics of Ancient Rome, when they originated in Ancient Greece. Again, another slip that isn't important but does build a picture.

Finally he has implied that Kissinger is a White Hat.

This is the ultimate insult so I'll just remind him of his greatest Faux Pas.

ISIS are Sunni Muslims not Shiite, Dr. Corsi, and the West/Israel created them to stoke up the Sunni Shiite divide. Iran has been destroyed by the deep state and the money they got  back from Obama (admittedly an unorthodox deal) was their own confiscated money.

What Corsi hasn't figured out is Hezbollah are on our side, not the Deep State's side. I will shred him in any debate on this subject that he has the courage to engage with me live and recorded. 

I wont mention Israel's key role in 9/11.