Tuesday 7 February 2012

The Messiah Complex by Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is the latest incarnation in a notable line up of American comedians including George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks who are to my mind Americans of the noblest pedigree. 

I've never heard his comedy work which is odd, because his opinions on topics as diverse as flotation tanks, Hegelian Dialectic (the Messiah complex), the military industrial complex and DMT are cogent, thoughtful and sensitive to the plight of humans. Too quote Timothy Leary on Terence McKenna "it takes fucking guts" to stand up and criticize the machine and if there's one hallmark of the educated and aware 21st century American it's his or her silent compliance.

The Messiah complex is partly explained by the pain of living in the duality of an illusory 3 dimensions plus a fourth of time. It's about the  dual nature of maintaining balance between polarities of left versus right, man versus woman, hot against cold, love or loneliness and so on and so forth. We chose to incarnate in this time and yet it hurts enough to numb ourselves off from the plight of others even though naturally enough on a groaning planet we yearn as a species for honourable and enlightened leadership. 

Well the United States hasn't had that since Eisenhower who warned ya'll that it's just business and that the government is no more difficult to control than the workers it hires. It's just nonsense to think you have to choose a side when both sides are rigged. The only side to choose is yours and to abstain from the game in future. They shot the next president (Kennedy) who came in and was the last to try and change the system. The rest have been shoe ins since then with possible exceptions that we're gamed to fail to provoke a lurch towards a greedy trickle down society when any thinker knows it's trickle up economics. We create the wealth not mercantilist families jerking the strings of power and thriving profitably from war.

There may well be a slim chance that Obama is playing the longest hand of poker in history but until we have the evidence for that, we should reserve our judgement until the final results are in and never again put more trust in others than we would place in ourselves. In any case, Joe Rogan. One of a handful of people who aims straight.