Tuesday 29 March 2016

Bradley R. Smith - Historian

If you want to have an easy life the last thing you should do is challenge the central taboo of our time which is holocaust inflation. This is the obscene satisfaction that the demonstrably false 6 million corpses is far superior and preferable to the more accurate  and human loving 500,000 figure. 

Naturally nobody dies to deserve in prison camps doing hard labour but to exploit a story and use it as defense for crushing free intellectual inquiry is a double obscenity that no right thinking person can defend.

Bradley R Smith's entire body shook the first time he was handed a leaflet on the subject and was close to throwing it in the bin he was so outraged. However, he put it in his pocket and the rest is history.

In this interview he calmly explains the link between the holocaust being used to commit genocide on the Palestinians. That deception has now been broken forever as even the Ziomedia narrative is no longer trusted, and in time the full deception will be internalized by all who have a high regard for the dangerous and unspeakable truth.

Bradley R Smith recently died and unlike holocaust bottom feeders and opportunistic narrative parasites such as Danny Finkelstein and Marko Attila Hoare, his words ring with the unmistakable cadence and respect for veracity.