Thursday 17 September 2015

The Israeli 9/11 Art Project & Dick Cheney

The original video has been removed, so the evidence of Austrian Mossad assets posing as students for a World Trade Centre art project prior to 9/11 and Dick Cheney is no longer available. Many readers might ask after watching the video why would they make it so obvious unless it's just a hideous coincidence?

The thinking behind this is ancient, occult and universal. 

The idea is that if I as your adversary intend to attack you and use 'information in plain sight', I effectively have your consent for attacking you and more importantly there's no incursion of your freewill.

For example the mural painted on Mossad's Urban Moving Systems van was reported by the police to have a plane flying into the twin towers on its side. This declaration of guilt is often called 'revelation of the method' but is only really convincing when a researcher studies the subject and identifies it enough times across a spread of false flags and deep state crimes. It often requires a working grasp of symbolism and numerology. 

The Pentagon for example is not just a five sided shape worthy of no remark. Informed people may also be familiar with the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the Pentagon that took place on 9/11 1941

In the original video (now erased) the recorded police radio transmissions report the van with the plane crashing into the WTC mural at the 5.20 mark if you are short of time.