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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Sia - Chandelier

Most of us have friends who are blind to the abuse-symbolism in celebrity pop videos.

The all seeing eye, the black and white checkered floors, the one eye teddy bear, the two masonic pillars Boaz and Jachin, the shattered mirrors, the manikins and it goes on and on but many can't even see the obvious trashing of humanity through sexual abuse, gender abuse, police state abuse and drug abuse dramatisation in celebrity videos and photo shoots, because they're pickled senseless in it. Like the fish who have no idea they're swimming in water they can't see what's right in front of them.

Sometimes I'm sitting in places that are playing these vacuous videos back to back with people who think they're the high point of art and it's always poignant, sickening and a little sad for the person interested in the human experience, but hey, not everyone was born to notice what's going on, and if people are too myopic to get the message then that's their journey not mine.

I was emailed to review Sia's Chandelier quite some time back, and my first observation was it's a very mediocre song with no originality and pedestrian lyrics. A power ballad of no historical importance.

Swinging from the chandeliers is most often in my experience used as a colloquial middle aged British expression for acrobatic and exotic sexual activity. It's somewhere between the Joy of Sex and Carry On Up The Khyber (Pass) for unsubtle and clich├ęd cultural references.

I don't know if this video is part of that genre of celebrity sausage making machine that squeezes out the Masonic/Bavarian symbolism out at a steady rate as it's also my experience that creative output can also tap into the collective consciousness as indeed this video does with its child star in a skin coloured leotard dancing brilliantly in a dystopian and provocative manner much as a seasoned interpretive dancer would.

It's also very synchronous that it was released as the VIP child abuse scandal started to be taken seriously in 2014 and will continue to be news as the US and other countries start to expose their child abusing political leaders, intelligence services and persons of power and privilege.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Geoffrey Dickens MP on Ritual Satanic Abuse

Many consumers have been programmed by influential media Satanists to scoff at Satanism so I'll try to explain Ritual Satanic Abuse (RSA) very quickly.

Sexually abusing children is a power transfer thing. By abusing children the abusers feel a sense of empowerment when resuming their normal persona that they present to the outside world (they have often been abused themselves so it's a cycle of abuse)

That power transfer during the abuse is, let's call it, an 'energetic expression'.

We've all been to a stadium rock-concert or a Premier League football match haven't we?

Did you feel the energy and the power during your favourite song or when a special goal was scored by your home team? 

That's a biochemical energetic expression coursing round your body for no other reason than information being received by your five senses.

Well that's what happens when an abuser tortures a child before or during the act of raping them.

The adrenal glands of prepubescent children creates a hormonal reaction that is much more powerful in children than in adults. This is why child abuse and sacrifice is preferred over adult abuse and sacrifice (see Biblical Virgin sacrifices for more information)

It's a magnified energetic expression. 

Conducting rituals on special days, in special places and in special ways (candles, symbolism, shapes, chanting etc) and the magnification is amplified even more according to Satanists. 

Murder the child after, and the oxidation of the adrenalin (epinephrine) produces adrenochrome and thus the maximum energetic transfer is complete.

You may not believe in it but the Satanists do. 

I believe they've tried it, and it's likely you haven't. 

Satanism is real and the people most invested in telling you it's not are the least to be trusted.

Update: Original video censored.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

What Jimmy Savile Really Did

March 27, 2013 by themadlands (This excellent post was removed from the internet a long time ago so I'm sharing it in order that it may live forever. It's that good but I also have some follow up information that should shock a few regular readers)


If you are not following the revelations about Jimmy Savile closely and believe that he was a loner who touched-up a few young groupies, then you have been deceived. Jimmy Savile’s actions go far beyond what you can even begin to believe: until you look at the evidence.

In this article I am going to tell you exactly how you have been deceived, why you have been deceived and why it matters to everyone in the UK.

All links in this piece open in new browser windows to allow you to read the further information in conjunction with this piece.

The Cover-up.

On 11th January 2013, the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC published their joint report into the Operation Yewtree investigation, titled “Giving Victims A Voice”.

The problems with that report were twofold. Firstly they did not actually give all the victims a voice, only the ones who reported lower-level abuse (and considering the abuse revealed included raping mentally and physically disabled people, the high-level abuse must be, as you will learn, far, far beyond even that). It will also become clear as to why some of the worst abuse will never have been reported to the Police.

The reason for this dumbing-down through an incomplete investigation, and reporting on it, is simple. The authorities failed at all levels when it came to Savile. By limiting the horrors we, the public, find out about, the less likely it is that there will be a public outcry against those who knew about, covered-up for and participated in the abuse at all levels of our society.

The second problem is that their main conclusion was false. It was part of a cover-up. The cover-up is in place to hide from the British public one very simple fact:

Child abusers linked to Jimmy Savile go right to the top of our society and acted with the full knowledge of our Government, security services, Police, Judiciary and Press.

“Evidence” I hear you scream!
DS David Gray, who helped to lead the Savile investigation stated there was no evidence to suggest that he was part of a paedophile ring.

We are meant to belive that a man who abused children over six decades never formed close links with those who shared his sickness? We are meant to believe that a man who had the ear of Royalty, Prime Ministers and the Police was not well-connected enough to know of other paedophiles and act with them? This predatory paedophile acted alone, or at worst as part of a “loose network”.

That sounds to me like we are being deliberately led away from the truth?

Jimmy Savile’s nephew, Guy Marsden, told the press:

In the article he goes on to say:

“A nephew of Sir Jimmy Savile yesterday told how his celebrity uncle attended ‘paedophile parties’.

Guy Marsden was just 13 when ‘Uncle Jimmy’ took him to a wealthy celebrity’s house in London in 1967 for the first of many sordid social gatherings.

Over the next 18 months, Guy and his friends went to numerous ‘parties’ where he believes men sexually abused girls and boys as young as ten. Savile was at many of these events, he said.”

“Guy said Savile sometimes arrived with a man dressed as a priest and he believed the young victims may have come from an orphanage or children’s home.”
Does that sound like a man who is not part of a high-level paedophile ring? How was he informed the parties were happening?

Surely by definition, a group of men arranging for care home children to be brought to private homes to be abused must be….a paedophile ring?

Marsden goes even further, stating:

“The group of runaways ended up in a fabulous house – believed to belong to a famous pop impresario – with a big indoor swimming pool. The celebrity home was one of the party venues.
‘At night you would get about 15 or 20 people turning up. There would be music and tables full of food, we couldn’t believe it. There was everything we needed and we just hung around.
‘At first we automatically assumed the children lived there, but we soon realised they didn’t. They would be brought there, sometimes by Uncle Jimmy, and would stay for six or seven hours until 3 or 4am. They were just little kids, boys and girls.”
Guy Marsden, an eye-witness, close to Savile and with nothing to hide, states clearly not only that a paedophile ring was active, but that “Uncle Jimmy” sometimes supplied the children.

If you had the head of operation Yewtree in front of you now, would you not ask:

“How on earth did you conclude there was no paedophile ring when there is clear witness testimony that states the complete opposite?”


But That Was Just The Tip Of What Jimmy was involved in.
For decades there were rumours of a paedophile ring operating around the town of Scarborough, as this story from the Express shows.

Recently independent investigative reporters have started uncovering the truth of what happened there. It is a story that involves a widespread knowledge amongst the local people, that was ignored due to the power of the people involved in it.

It is alleged to have involved a prominent local businessman, Peter Jaconelli, a friend of Jimmy Savile as the picture on the Express story linked to above shows. There is also evidence it was a paedophile ring that involved local government officials and members of the North Yorkshire Police. The NY Police had evidence and reports regarding the ring, Jaconelli and Savile for decades, but all investigations cam to unexplained halts.

This article from the Real Whitby site, also gives evidence that Savile took children from a care home he had no jurisdiction over, for weekends away in, you guessed it, Scarborough. Jimmy used his cult of personality to take children to the abusers:

“The Sunday People article confirms that Savile took patients from the safety of a secure controlled environment at Rampton to visit his close friends Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Corrigan. The patients did not meet anyone else.
They were taken to Jaconelli at his Council offices in 1971. During the 1972 visit they met him at one of his ice cream parlours (where Jaconelli is alleged to have routinely committed sexual offences) and from which the public had been specifically excluded, thereby ensuring that the4O~zZQAk8EX6CSdxlVAmgO7bXHZ5wzpened.
The conclusion is therefore inescapable that Savile chose to take patients from Rampton to Scarborough in preference to taking patients from Broadmoor because:
Rampton is closer to Scarborough and where the other members of Jaconelli’s ring were located.
Scarborough was Savile’s preferred place to offend because Jaconelli’s status ensured they could operate safely without fear of arrest.
The sole reason behind both trips was to move vulnerable people to Scarborough to Jaconelli.
Given the allegations against Jaconelli and Savile, the concern must be that it is highly likely that the patients were abused on both visits, possibly even in the Mayor’s Council Offices.”
Savile was no lone wolf. savile was a procurer of children for multiple high level paedophile rings, operating in Britain with the full knowledge of, and at times participation of, the people who we trust to run our country.

But Jimmy Was Not Just A Local Paedo Ring Procurer.
In 2008 the form childrens home of Haut De La Garenne on the island of Jersey was the centre of unbelievable child abuse allegations. Those allegations were so widespread and so evil that many people simply did not believe them.

The funny thing about Haut De La Garenne is that the initial findings were suddenly criticised. The original Police chief taken off the case and the whole thing was dumbed-down and finally forgotten again.

The problem is that 116 former child residents of the home, stand by what they say about the horrors that went on there. When we speak of horrors, let us be clear, we mean the rape, torture and murder of children by paedophiles.

Without going into details about the horror and cover-up of the Jersey paedophile scandal, I do want to address the Savile link to it.

In 2008 Jimmy Savile sued the Sun newspaper over pieces they had wrote in which the linked him to the abuse at Haut De La Garenne by claiming he visited it on many occasions.

The Sun produced photographic evidence of Savile at the home:

Savile’s response? He slapped a super-injunction on the photo, forcing the Sun to not print it.

So Savile lied. He had visited Haut De La Garenne. Children from the home state he visited on MANY occasions. Even the head of the Police investigation, removed when the revelations about human remains came to light was reported as saying:

“The former head of the Jersey child abuse investigation has said he now suspects that Sir Jimmy Savile was implicated in the Haut de la Garenne children’s home abuse scandal.”
It was also revealed that:

“A solicitor who acted for victims of child abuse in Jersey also told the Guardian that some former Haut de la Garenne residents, both women and men, now claim they were assaulted by Savile in the 1970s.
Alan Collins, a solicitor for several Haut de la Garenne victims, said “a handful” of former residents have now made abuse allegations about Savile. He said Savile’s name was mentioned several times during the police investigation of 2008 but that the evidence did not seem to stack up at the time.”
We are going to go down the rabbit hole a bit deeper now in relation to Jersey, so you can see the implications of what Jimmy Savile was part of. As you have already seen he was evidently a procurer of children for paedophile rings.

This excerpt is from the now defunct News of the World:

“The youngsters were told by care staff the boat rides were treats—only to be assaulted and RAPED at sea by pervert toffs.
Details of the sick attacks emerged as we discovered even more blood has been found in a bath in the dungeon underneath the Haut de la Garenne home—and in the drains. And our reporters have been told how builders on renovations at the home were urged by staff to BURN any bones they dug up.
We also uncover the full extent of the dark forces of corruption hampering the police investigation. We can reveal worried cops feel under so much pressure over the abuse allegations they are preparing to BYPASS Jersey’s own legal system and hand their evidence to our government.
This could include files on up to seven social workers and carers who worked at the sinister home—including one nicknamed the ‘pinball wizard’ who HURLED kids against the walls to see how far they would BOUNCE. At least two previous senior employees of children’s services on the island are also under investigation despite the attempts of corrupt former policemen, politicians and businessmen to scupper the inquiry.
We understand that two weeks ago Jersey ministers SECRETLY VOTED to have senior police investigator Lenny Harper removed from the case because they believed he was too open with the media. But the Chief of Police Graham Power refused.
One of the most serious lines of inquiry in the investitally and physically disabled peularly loaned to wealthy yachtsmen to “do with them what they chose for the day,” according to our source close to the investigation.
“Haut de la Garenne staff described the trips as a treat for children who spent long hours cooped up at the home. But in reality the kids were subjected to the vilest sexual abuse on board the luxury boats.
“Our source said: “The allegations about the yachting community have come in from a number of different people…”
I will go no further than to state that one of the people who regularly sailed around Jersey was The then Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Savile’s pal Edward Heath, who appeared on his BBC1 show Jim’ll Fix It, was Prime Minister at the time.

Bearing in mind what you have read so far and will read from this point on, can you begin to see the implications of what Jimmy Savile may have been involved in, and see reasons why the Government and security services would suppress the truth?


The Glass Elevator Smashes Through The Roof.
In the late 1980′s Prince Charles and Diana were having, as well know, some pretty fundamental marriage problems.

Who did they turn to for assistance? Jimmy Savile. It is incredible, but true. The piece just linked to gives an overview of the story, but you have to look BEYOND what is written to see the reality. This is not a story about Jimmy’s inappropriate behaviour at St James’ Palace, you have to ask: why was he allowed to wander around?

“Savile is understood to have visited Prince Charles’s official London residence several times in the late 1980s when he was acting as a kind of marriage counsellor between Charles and Princess Diana. A spokesman for the Prince of Wales confirmed the prince and Savile formed a relationship in the late 1970s after coming together through their work with wheelchair sports charities. Charles led tributes to Savile when he died a year ago.”

So we have clear confirmation that Savile talked intimately to Charles and Diana. We see that he was also a confirmed friend of Prince Charles for many years. A man who we now know had allegations of paedophilia surrounding him for decades, was allowed to become close personal friends with the heir to the throne? Where were MI5? Are we to believe the security services, who already knew Savile’s lifelong friend Cyril Smith was a paedophile, were not aware? That they had not done a security clearance check on him as would be standard procedure?

It is odd. Negligent even. Perhaps the security services simply never informed Charles or Diana of their knowledge. Perhaps Charles just trusted someone who made themselves appear trustworthy.

Lets join some more dots for you right now.

Elm Guest House, Islington & Richmond.

In late 2012 MP Tom Watson shocked the house to silence when he rose and stated that he had seen clear evidence of a high level paedophile ring operating high in London society, going even to the doors of number 10 itself.

This statement was linked to the dossier on Peter Righton, a disgraced civil servant who networked with other paedophiles as part of the Paedophile Information Exchange. beneath a veneer of civility PIE members carried out sickening abuse.

Righton’s diary is reputed to contain entries were he described his abuse and then marked the boys out of ten for the punishments they could take. In short, these men were absolute monsters.

In 1992 the Evening Standard tried to uncover the paedophile ring involving many of the PIE members and others, operating in London and supplied with boys from the care homes of Islington. Despite it and others having tried to uncover the truth many times, little action was taken and many suggested powerful paedophiles escaped justice. It was dismissed as fantasy and conspiracy theory and buried.
The Islington scandal is linked to that of Elm Guest House. Elm was a gay brothel that also catered for peadophiles. It advertised in coded messages to those paedphiles as a location where there was even a room with film equipment in it.
Operation Fernbridge is currently investigating the Elm guest house scandal, which was forced upon it after care workers from the time leaked evidence onto the internet stating that high level people visited it to abuse children. Those children were supplied from the care homes of Islington. Despite the clear evidence of high level abusers, only two people have been arrested so far.
I do urge you to read as much of this a you can at some stage to see just how extensive and far-reaching the Elm guest house scandal is, and why it is being covered-up. You will also read why it was covered up at the time: because a cabinet minister was implicated in visiting it.
Just in case you are in any doubt that there is a cover-up going on, this excerpt from the Star shows there was:
“But a former detective who worked on the case revealed they were ­suddenly told to halt the probe.
The furious ex-policeman said: “It wasn’t that we ran out of leads but it reached a point where a warning to stop came.
“It was a case of ‘get rid of everything, never say a word to anyone’. It was made very clear to me that to ­continue asking questions would ­jeopardise my career.”
“Evil and probably part of an obvious cover-up. But, how does this link to Uncle Jimmy?” I hear you say. OK, lets move on.

To The Palace.

For ten short days in 1982 the press openly and frequently reported on the Elm guest house scandal as it unfolded. Then, suddenly, despite all the evidence mounting of a paedophile ring involving the government and being covered-up by the government, they stopped.


Perhaps because of hints in some of the stories printed at the time and later.

“The customers included three MP’s and a member of the staff at Buckingham palace.

Palace link in child sex scandal.

The link had been established between the scandal of care home children from Islington and Richmond being supplied to paedophile brothels, to paedophiles within the Palace.

Now I know you are thinking “I see where you are going, but this is circumstantial evidence. Just because there were paedophiles operating at the Palace, it does not mean Jimmy Savile knew that”.

Let’s just fill you in on a few more details.

Savile was not only “brought in” to help Charles and Diana. He was also called upon to aid Sarah Ferguson.

“I was helping her not get publicity rather than get it – to cool things down….”
Does Jimmy Savile seem a likely person to you to call upon to help you lower your profile? No, me neither. So you have to question the reason for his calling upon.

You probably also don’t know just how cosy he was with the Queen:

“As for Savile’s relationship with the Queen, he suggested it was somewhat lighthearted. “She thinks I’m odd because odd things always seem to happen when I’m at BP,” he said last year, referring to Buckingham Palace. “One time I was at a party there and the Queen said: ‘I do not recognise this person, I bear no responsibility if anything should happen’ – the Queen likes a joke. The next minute I bump into a lady who turns out to be Barbara Bush.
“When she sees me she says: ‘Jimmmyyyy!’ and flings her arms out and knocks champagne all over the woman next to her who says ‘S***!’ in a very loud voice and steps back in her high heel on to the foot of the woman behind. The Queen shook her head, took me by the arm, stood me against the wall and said: ‘Stay there and don’t move!’ So I did. After all she is the Queen.”
Diana mentioned Savile in the “squidgygate” tape:

“She was recorded saying: “Jimmy Savile rang me up yesterday, and he said: ‘I’m just ringing up, my girl, to tell you that His Nibs [Charles] has asked me to come and help out the redhead [Ferguson]‘.”

Along with his friendship with Prince Philip, until a reported falling out that nobody has ever heard a reason for, we have compelling evidence that Savile was welcome at the Palace. Able to basically wander into a Palace and speak with Royalty. A Palace whose staff contained an alleged paedophile ring linked to Elm Guest House.
On 16th February 2013 Exaro News reported that:
“Exaro has established that Haroon Kasir, known as Harry, who was co-manager of the guest house, used to boast that he was “best friends” with Savile. Kasir would tell friends how Savile used to visit him frequently.”
It was also said:
“Harry started to behave strangely after Jimmy died”.
Jimmy Savile. Elm Guest House. The Palace. Now do you see why what Jimmy really got up to has been brushed under the carpet?

One Final Drop Down The Rabbit Hole.
Some celebrities, such as Esther Rantzen, have been less than honest about what they really knew of Jimmy Savile. Esther for example, the “lovely lady” of childline, claimed she only heard one vague rumour back in the 1970′s and dismissed she knew any more in a gushing interview with Piers Morgan.
The problem is that she was told many times, as this article shows:
“ESTHER Rantzen faces claims that she failed to act on Jimmy Savile paedophile rumours.Abuse campaigner Shy Keenan says she alerted her 18 years ago.Shy — who represents the charity The Phoenix Post, a victims’ advocacy group — said she raised concerns she had heard about the depraved star when she was contributing to a TV show.”
Others, are being far more honest.
My final piece of the puzzle comes from Mr Andy Kershaw. In his article he says:
“When the news broke of Jimmy Savile’s death, I sat before the rolling television news channels in a state of exasperation and disbelief. Celebrities, media heavyweights, and even representatives of the great and the good, were scrambling to gush eulogies to a man they were eager to canonise as Saint Jimmy of Stoke Mandeville or, at least, a much-loved national treasure.Every one of these mourners knew better than to pay tribute. For every one of them, as creatures of the media or the entertainment industries, had, for years, heard the persistent rumours about the real Jimmy Savile. Even in death – and for another 12 months – Savile would continue to pull off a public relations swindle of spectacular audacity.”
He goes on to say:

“Typical of those with 20/20 hindsight was Esther Rantzen. Within a couple of days of the Savile scandal breaking, Esther Rantzen, founder of Childline, and someone not previously shy of hobnobbing with Savile, was asking us to believe she had heard the rumours but had dismissed them as “green room gossip”. Later, and presuming to speak on behalf of the nation, Rantzen popped up on BBC News to wring her hands and claim: “We are all guilty now.”
Not me, Esther, old thing. At Radio 1, as soon as I heard the Savile rumours, I gave the guy a very wide berth. And in my autobiography, No Off Switch, written and first published while Savile was still alive, I hinted as strongly as I could that there may be a darker side, describing him as a “veteran Radio 1 DJ, tireless charity worker, another national institution, widely recognised for his interest in young people”.
Note the words I have highlighted. Kershaw states he hinted at the true scale of what Savile did. Now look at the title of his article:

“The Jimmy Savile scandal will not be snuffed out”.

Snuff is of course a term for movies which involve the murder of people in a violent sexual context. Most of these unbelievably evil films involve paedophiles and children. In the age before the internet they were passed around in video cassette for significant sums of money. It was an industry, men got rich out of the absolute evil depicted.

“Category 5″ child porn. The type that Police officers have to watch and state, understandably that is ruins their lives having to do so.

Elm Guest House had video equipment. Men linked to the Elm scandal also had links to child trafficking and porn in the Netherlands.

Jimmy Savile. Elm Guest House. The Palace. The Government. Child Trafficking. Snuff movies.

A few people have now come forward to say that they witnessed “Satanic” rituals involving Jimmy Savile in the basement of Stoke Mandeville hospital and in Scarborough.

Another person has stated that Cyril Smith, who as we know was a lifelong friend of Savile, was friends with a noted Satanist and visited his house.

Others are also now beginning to break their traumatised silence on having seen children killed in satanic paedophilie rituals involving notable people including Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile. Elm Guest House. The Palace. The Government. Child Trafficking. Snuff movies. Satanism.

Now can you begin to see why, even if only half of the above is true, why the establishment have covered-up the truth about what Jimmy Savile did?

Discount the Satansim as fantasy. You still have links to Royalty, Politicians, paedophile rings containing murderers and cabinet ministers, child trafficking and snuff movies.

Don’t want to believe the royalty stuff? Take that out as well. You still have The Goveernment, child trafficking, snuff movies and a paedophile ring containing politicians and a child murderer.

Can’t contemplate the snuff movies stuff, take that out as well. In fact, take it all out, everything you have just read.

Do you still, after reading it, really believe Savile was a lone wolf who touched up a few women and had sex with willing groupies, and that there has been no cover-up?

Of course you don’t. You have a brain. But just in case you are still doubtful. Edwina Currie was asked on Twitter if there has been a cover-up about Elm Guest House:

If there was a cover-up there, then there was a cover-up over Savile.

Why This Matters To You.
Some have dismissed this scandal, even if you believe all I have told you, as all in the past. Old news. people now old or dead. irrelevant. A previous generation, different rules.

It Could not happen again.

Deep down you already know it could happen again. If they got away with it last time, there are probably protected people doing the same thing to innocent stolen children right now. Safe in the knowledge they can do what they want because the establishment is covering up for them.

I know you are thinking “why would they cover this evil up?”

One of the named people who was allegedly photographed at Elm guest house having sex with children was a top politician. He has links to both David Cameron and Nick Clegg and their families. If he is arrested, people will ask how on earth none of those people knew.

How did the security services, who vetted BBC employees throughout the 1960′s and 1970′s, not know about Savile, or Elm guest house and inform anyone? How was Savile allowed anywhere near the Royal family?

How did the currently serving politicians, who were at the time senior councillors and legal people linked to Islington and Richmond councils never hear about what was evidently a widespread scandal of child trafficking in their boroughs?

How did nobody in the BBC ever hear anything so dark and horrifying? Even with the current stories of yet more BBC paedophile rings involving staff on both Doctor Who and Eastenders showing that their “saw no evil, heard no evil” stance simply isn’t credible?

How did so many ex-Police and care workers never get listened to when they spoke out about both the scale of the abuse and the fact they were warned off, time after time after time?

The truth, whatever the exact details of what Jimmy did, or what the Politicians and others did, is:




What happened in this country is a national scandal. If the truth is allowed to come out, through the Police involved in operations Yewtree, Fernbridge and Fairbank having their shackles taken off and the evidence stolen from them by MI5 in the 1980′s, including photo’s, are returned to them, then it would make the Profumo scandal look like a tea party.

If you have a shred of compassion for children and a sense of right and wrong, what you have read should have left you shaking with anger.

Innocent children, taken from care homes, disowned and then destroyed by powerful, evil men and all covered-up by other powerful people who want to avoid a scandal.

And that is just the “highlight” scandal. There is also what happened in Wales. It has happened across the country time and time and time again. Time and time and time againt, it has been covered-up. To stop you from getting angry and demanding it stop and people in power bein held to account.
IF the past is ignored, it sends a message to those who would act in the same way today that we will accept it.
Tweet your MP. 
Write to your MP and demand the home secretary commissions an enquiry.
If you now walk away from this piece without acting, you are tolerating the abuse.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

David Whitehead Interviews Sandra Fecht M.A. on Ritual Satanic Child Abuse (RSA)

Great efforts have been made by VIPaedos to pooh pooh the idea that Satanic Ritual Abuse doesn't exist. 

I have previously posted the evidence that MI5 and the security services fund and use Satanic Groups to harvest multigenerational ritual satanic abuse victims for the mind control qualities that emerge from the dissociative process of sexual abuse.

The information in this interview by TruthWarrior David Whitehead is essential listening.

Sandra Fecht M.A. is a qualified psychotherapist and is very brave to relate the information she has been exposed to when counselling sexual abuse victims. I urge you to consider the interview as a whole when deciding authenticity.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Why Is The Vatican's Age Of Consent 12 Years Old?

Institutionalised sexual abuse is the septicaemia of 21st century life. We can smell something is bad but we're nervous to amputate the infected limb because we've never done it before.

In 1985 Ratzinger was sent a report of every abuse case that could harm the Vatican. Those reports were not collated to purge the church of paedophiles and ritual abuse. They were  requested in order to determine which problems were most in need of the resources to help cover them up. 

It's not that the problem is under appreciated by the time starved average person. The problem is it's under estimated which is so much more damaging. No right thinking individual condones abuse. It seems the problem is if we knew the true scale and the level it takes place at it would be intolerable to civil society. That's what is being covered up. The rot in the UK specifically is protected by a law that Jack Straw passed and then later failed to recall in an interview, and so it's on a level that despite public outrage is even worse than public thinks. The rot is at the very top and it's systematic.

Bill Maloney, the subject of the interview (and a survivor of abuse) is making films that are asking dangerous questions at the highest levels of office, and which no news organisation is touching. His professionalism is to be applauded. We don't have a guard dog media; we have a lap dog media.

We should encourage victims to come out and make it clear that we will support them in any way we can. Please end the silence. Both yours, and God willing the victims. Some of you may be acquainted with the Saturnalian cult and so I connect two dots for you. Ever noticed the Ratzinger's Red Saturn hat fetish? The brim is representative of Saturn's rings.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Paedophiles In Power

Some of you may have noticed that Ed Miliband has called for the Government to set up an independent inquiry into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal to “do right by the victims”. This is probably because the Opposition Leader thinks – given Savile’s connections – that the Conservative Party is more likely to be damaged by whatever surfaces. But those who follow the antics of Labour in local Government (and have watched both Harman and Balls do nothing when they were in power) suspect otherwise.
The largely Labour controlled and supported social care system and Family Courts ‘ring’ have been Britain’s biggest secret social disgrace for two decades. I and many others have followed the trail of abuse, gagging orders, bizarre acquittals and cover-ups for many years…the leading light in this investigation being Christopher Booker who last Sunday called it ‘the greatest scandal of my career’.
Below is a selection of evidence about the small minority with big influence in Labour’s local government politicians. The striking thing in almost every case is the protection given to the guilty, and the risible lightness of sentences handed out by the Judiciary.
A three-times Labour Council Candidate Richard Harris was arrested at his home in Union Street, Exeter and his computer removed for child protection officers to examine. He stood as the Labour Party’s man in Three wards, St Leonard’s, Heavitree and St Thomas….Exeter suburbs with a high incidence of Primary Schools. Harris was arrested with a list of 500 children’s names in his possession. He has been charged with offering junior school children money to have sex with him. He said to police officers when interviewed ‘I felt mostly turned on by children.’
Labour’s Manish Sood, a prominent Councillor in Leicester, has been found guilty of trying to molest children. Ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court, he was the subject of abuse and boos as he was led down. Sood had seen an advertisement placed by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, phoned her and asked her for sex at a fixed price. Around 200 phone calls and text messages by Manish Sood were received by children, and all offered sex for money. He offered them £200 each, but the kids refused.
The Judge gave him a three year supervision order and banned him from being near children unsupervised. His mother, also involved with the Labour Council in Leicester as aide to the Mayor, stood by him throughout the trial, saying he was a ‘good man.’
Labour Party Councillor Ben williams took a job as a History & Politics teacher in King George V school in Southport, but was found to have the words ‘Lolita’ and  ‘Child Porn’ typed into school computers he logged onto with his personal pass key. A group of IT teachers at the school noticed other entries by Williams on  computers he had logged into.
Williams admitted to police that he had been tipped off about a section 47 investigation paedophile investigation being ongoing.  He then deleted 207 files on his pc, but the jury was unable to reach a verdict at his subsquent trial.
In Rochdale, the Labour Party approved the selection of  Aftab Hussain as a councillor. Hussain was connected to the infamous Mulsim paedophile ring during the subsequent trial. The ring  abused and raped under-12 year old girls, but  Aftab Hussain told the Court that the nine accused paedophiles were of good character. (Last year, Labour’s Rochdale Councillor Darren Pedley and his wife were arrested for downloading child porn images and distributing them on the internet. They face trial in Bolton during October.)
Liam Temple was the Labour Lord Mayor of Halton in Cheshire. Temple sat next to a constituent’s small daughter and said, ‘£5 if you let me see your breasts, £10 if you let me see down there.’’ He was found guilty at Cheshire Crown Court,given a suspended sentence, and forced to sign the sex offender’s register.
Stewart Brown, The Labour Party Lord Mayor of Hebden Bridge, was put under arrest after police and special child protection units raided his home and removed his computer, cds and other hardware to be examined by the special forensics team. He was found to have been downloading child pornography material from the internet of a severe nature, including a child in Bondage and Shackles. The images, said the judge at his subsequent trial, were horrific: yet he escaped with a suspended sentence, and has been made to sign the sex offender’s register for the rest of his life.
Labour activist  Mark Potter worked for Hackney and Liverpool City councils. He was allowed to seek a job near children in Liverpool first, but his strange activities worried other house masters and he was transferred to Hackney. There he is alleged to have made frequent visits to childrens bedrooms at night in the Labour Hackney council run care home where he worked.

Two weeks before London’s police Special Unit for protecting children were due to arrest him for child abuse, Trotter died of AIDS. Hackney Borough Council was asked by the subsequnt enquiry why the Labour run Liverpool City Council did not inform them of Mark Trotter’s ‘lifestyle’. Given Trotter’s death, those questions haven’t been answered. They almost certainly never will be.
In North Lincolnshire, Labour Councillor David Spooner was found guilty of attempting to corrupt two boys aged under ten years.  Spooner told the boys to sit on a couch in his living room, and returned soon afterwards completely naked. The two boys refused to take off their clothing. Spooner then masturbated in front of them. The boys told their parents who immediately called the police. In Court at the subsequent trial, the Judge called the encounter ‘depraved’, but decided not to hand down a major sentence because  the boys had not been touched. David Spooner  is now serving a twelve month prison sentence.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

It would be satisfying but untrue to say that any of this surprises me. Five years ago I wrote the full, tragic story of Barbara Richard’s appalling life while going through the care system as a child. It is, from end to end, horribly similar to the accounts above.
And it’s still going on, week in week out. Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor of Peterborough John Johnson, for example, will face charges of downloading images on the internet, involving the rape and violent abuse of small children. Confirming that Johnson had been charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation, the prosecutor Mr Giles Beaumont said, “This charge relates to an extreme level of child pornography. Some images involve animals”. Magistrate Michael Flanagan called for the case to be heard before a crown court, and the trial date is November 6th 2012 at Peterborough Crown Court.
Stories like these are why I think the Savile witch-hunt is a distraction from something much more serious and systemic. Over and over I have posted to the effect that Jimmy Savile was not that fearsome as an individual: he got away with it because he had protection in the senior echelons of the Establishment. This is the core matter at issue here, not the ‘Celeb perv in 130 in bed romp’ bollocks put out by a slavering press pack.
When Minister for Women, Harman did nothing. When Minister for Families, Balls did nothing. Nothing is being done at the moment in Plymouth, beyond gagging orders and solicitors’ letters trying to keep a lid on things. Nothing has happened since a senior silk was appointed to reform the Secret Family Courts iniquity. No message is being sent to paedophiles that high office will not protect them. Nobody went to jail in Stafford social services, although they should’ve done.
Ed Miliband can call for as many independent enquiries as he likes: “bring it on” is what I say. But perhaps Ed should be careful what he wishes for in terms of Labour’s endemic problem in this murky sphere.
And of course, Miliband having called for the enquiry to be independent, Culture Secretary Maria Miller has turned his down. She told MPs she was “confident” BBC chiefs were taking the claims “very seriously” – and warned that an outside inquiry could hamper police investigations. What complete tosh.
Let’s look more closely at why Miller probably doesn’t want that enquiry to be independent. Her predecessor was Jeremy Hunt. Hunt is bankrolled by senior Tory supporter JHJ Lewis, Chairman of the Groucho Club. The club’s website was discovered recently to have been a forum for paedophiles, and was hastily taken down. You can see my previous post on this here.
Wherever one digs in Britain, there are people of rank protecting paedophiles and sharing their proclivities. They remain a tiny minority – but their population is in inverse proportion to their power.
Forget Sir Jimmy Savile OBE. The inquity recorded above is what the MSM should be delving into.

Friday 6 May 2011

CIA Ritual Satanic Child Sex Abuse and Human Sacrifice

Ted Gunderson used to run the FBI in Southern California. Seven hundred agents underneath him. He's unambiguous about the scale of ritual satanic sex abuse and how high up the pyramid the cover-up goes. Why this is happening is even more unpalatable to understand than the abuse itself. By that I mean it's unlikely that even a handful of people will stop to find out why an alarmingly consistent profile of power, across the planet, needs a steady supply of children (and young adults) for ritual satanic sex abuse. However even less can deal with the reason why although the testimony above stands strong, as well as that important film interviewing David Icke on the subject.

These are not issues I enjoy writing about but things are changing and silence isn't an option. Every day more people know what is going on and that the people involved are not difficult to identify. They are however still difficult to arrest. 

For the time being.

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Judy Byington: International Paedophilia, Trauma Based Mind Control & Satanic Ritual Abuse

I've started to accumulate a dossier of people in the media who regular as clockwork get mainstream media exposure to pooh pooh that Satanic ritual abuse even exists. It is my experience that those most regularly wheeled out to program consumers and dismiss that hundreds of thousands of children are sacrificed by these cults each year around the world are complicit in the activity.

Like Judy Byington I've been attacked and smeared online by the very people who engage in the activity they dismiss as fiction. However MKULTRA, Ritual Satanic Abuse, Multi Generational Satanic Abuse families and how the spy services and powerful family bloodlines use these techniques for their own purpose of shaping unreality is increasingly difficult to disprove as witnesses and counsellors come forward.

Monday 19 March 2018

The Gin Goblin Barrister - Barbara Hewson

Barbara Hewson behaves more like a practicing Satanist than a respected Barrister. Her obsession is to accuse all child abuse victims of inventing their claims and her entire life on Twitter for the last five or so years is on this one subject.

There have been times when I've interacted with her in the wee hours UK time, and I can only describe her behaviour as bizarre and seemingly drunk, which is how she earned the moniker Gin Goblin.

The Bar Standards Board have been informed and an investigation is taking place, but the sooner she is prevented from trolling child sexual abuse victims through social media, the better.


Thursday 5 July 2018

McMartin Preschool Child Sexual Abuse

Listen to "McMartin Preschoo, James Woods, Human Trafficking" on Spreaker.

The McMartin Preschool ritual child sex abuse scandal was buried for the usual reasons of protecting very powerful psychopaths. 

When I heard CW Chanter call it a conspiracy theory, invoking the obnoxious Satanic Panic rebranding by the toxic media, I stopped listening to him.

It is so obvious what took place there, and in the subsequent longest trial in US history involving a massive coverup using all the usual tactics of smearing witnesses, creating fake witnesses and bribing/blackmailing those integral to success of the coverup.

Small children do not contract STDs unless there is abuse.

Colonel Michael Aquino could well be connected, though it's clear he was abusing children at the Presidio Day Care scandal.