Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What Exactly Hit The Pentagon On 911?

I've never claimed to know the full truth of what happened on 9/11. I only know the 9/11 commission report is Mickey Mouse. There is so much information and disinformation out there that it's too time consuming to review it all and it doesn't really help me. I know it was fixed, I don't need to know the full methodology and I don't need to know who is responsible. More important is making sure people don't respond to more psyops manipulation that feed wars, conflict and further intra-species predatory behaviour. I'm all about let's not get into destructive behaviour stimulated by elites.

However for some time now I've held a view (not a belief, a view) that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane but say a missile instead.The Pentagon lawn is spotless, the CCTV video was immediately removed, the hole is suspicious, the side of the Pentagon that was hit was restrengthened not long before and finally Pentagon employee April Gallop's testimony is too difficult to ignore.

I've know from 911Dejavu.com that the DNA of 64 plane passengers is fully recorded. That's a piece of information I can't ignore and I'm going to claim it as cooked books data. This is not a problem. What's important is we know that a man in a cave did not conspire to do this but a cabal of criminals did. Nothing has changed my mind on that point though if confronted by a death blow piece of information I'm not so attached to conspiracy that I would reject the truth. 

The truth I've learned is more of a journey than a destination. It can change depending on the perspective but is in it's own right eternal. I like being wrong from time to time. It shows I'm capable of learning.