Sunday 18 December 2016

The Reptilian Ruling Class

One of the great mistakes David Icke made is claiming it's the undeniable truth. Instead he should have articulated that he met a series of credible people (including royal insiders) in a short period of time telling him stories that he couldn't ignore, given they didn't know each other. Then he could talk about the historical research (Nag Hammadi Codices, Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets) and then add his own journalism.

I suspect it could possibly be MI5 having a laugh and sending him people because that's how they undermine those who have disrupted the hypnogogic mainstream narrative, but I'm totally open to planet earth being manipulated by non human entities because a) we are manipulated and b) I like calling people like Hillary Clinton, The Bush Dynasty and Tony Blair lizards. 

It's cathartic.

Andy Nowicki isn't using the term in it's playful sense here, because Reptilian makes a justifiable use of the word that is to be found in the Collins dictionary when referring to pseudo mammals.