Saturday 17 December 2016

Why Did Breitbart Die Saying Similar Things To Podesta's Wikileaks?

Years ago, Andrew Breitbart tweeted that John Podesta was connected to child sex trafficking and lo and behold now it's corroborated (not proven) in Wikileaks. Just that freak coincidence alone should alert the corporate media dependent to do a little research themselves instead of bleating on about failure channeled through the despicable Hillary's project and the pseudo socialism of the Democrat Party of New Labour.

We subsequently found coded language in the Wikileaks emails using sentences referring to questions like 'do you prefer dominoes on your pizza or pasta?'. Until reasonable answers are provided (don't expect MSM to ask perfectly reasonable questions) it's fair to make the connection between the sexual rape innuendo comments on their Instagram accounts, use of coded sexual language, propensity to use FBI documented child abuse logos on their pizza restaurants, concealment of basement and tunnels without planning permission below the restaurants, enjoyment of degenerate art portraying rape, tied up children and pizza as sex and on and on it goes.

Just asking questions is not a crime. There's no proof yet but there's enough smoke to run a BBQ sauce factory. Expect the Feds to try and use a disinformation strategy to discredit the information like they did in the UK when they used a programmed multiple to say he was a victim of the VIPaedo rings at Westminster. That's what they do. They use programmed multiples for their false flag terror and anything else required to falsely blame others or themselves. Then they get away with it. Over and over again.

The witless scoff at information they're too lazy to study.