Wednesday 14 December 2016

Demonic Aliens | The Collins Elite

It's been a few years since I last covered a Nick Redfern interview, as the only thing worth knowing about the alien issue is the deep state spends a lot of money and invests a huge amount of "limited hangout" time to own that particularly unreality network.

The fluoridated wont have noticed that the prevailing scientific narrative has moved from "we're all alone" to "there's a shit load of habitable planets out there". This is all the usual nonsense from the manipulative (and highly manipulated) media, who can't be trusted on the extremes of any argument so it's probably somewhere in the middle.

What makes the Collins Elite an interesting story is that it portrays a series of events whereby military intelligence put together a think tank of sorts to figure out the alien contact questions. Their conclusion which is broadly speaking given credence within the spiritual truth-seeking community, is that the UFO/Alien question is a transdimensional one, that can't be touched, recorded or measured and is thus no different from the paranormal spectrum.

I wouldn't normally invest this much time in describing an excellent interview but the subject came up over dinner with a prominent UFO researcher, I relistened to the original work I'd covered a few years ago and for some reason the video I listened to at least 4 or 5 times over the weekend was removed despite lingering on Youtube for years barely touched by anyone. 

I like that kind of thing so I've found an alternative for you to listen to. Unfortunately it has adverts but Nick Redfern is invariably interesting listening and I've tagged the space he's covered below.

Update: The original video was removed so the only substitute available is above.