Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Message To Barack Obama From Jimmy Dore

After 8 years of George W Bush I woke up in a hotel room in Bangkok to the soul lifting news that a hope and change black man was going to be president after winning the election. Well, I now understand that leaders are puppets for interests that are skilled in concealing their influence though we have since learned, through Wikileaks, that Citibank Executive and super rich Chosenite, George Froman sent Obama his cabinet line up which he followed dutifully at least 90%.

I get it too that half the job of President is being happy and optimistic while shitty things are going on around you in the world. However it's clear that Obama never had the backbone or courage to do that kind of job, and while millions of Democrats fell asleep because their guy was in power, a lot of us who pay attention to the bottom line, not corporate sponsors realised they're all crooked.

Time will tell how Donny Tiny Hands will fare, and there's no great expectation but it has been comforting to know the serial genocider he opposed didn't get the job she felt was automatically hers.

Jimmy Dore is a good guy, who despite being clueless on a few important issues that matter to fans of reality is still calling out memorable truths in a manner that I will not forget.