Tuesday 27 December 2016

Despicable Me Official - (2010) HD

It sounds cheesy but I'm so weary of Illuminati symbolism in children's content that I assumed Despicable Me was just another in your face subversion of childhood.

The reasons are that it's produced by Illumination Entertainment, the Minions (Masonic Servants) sport a one eyed version and they all carry the Masonic G.

I downloaded the movie to see if I was wrong recently and I was.

The movie starts with an inflatable Pyramid being burst and that serves as a metaphor for what the animation really is. A send up of the Illuminati. In addition we have a caricature of the Dutch William Cornelius Van Duyne who is alleged to be the head of the Illuminati after the 2009 shakeup that reduced the family bloodlines from 13 to 9.

Despicable me is fun entertainment and a lovable animation of cute kids who turn around the evil and criminal Gru from a child hater to a child lover. I recommend it for children and adults alike.