Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Tom Hanks - Big

Not my usual choice of movie but one that cropped up in my timeline over the Christmas Break. It's a pleasant movie, of the sort reviewed better elsewhere, but as anyone who has kept a close eye on who produces what, what directors are used, and the actors cast while noting any symbolism used, I was struck by the absence of any checkered floors, all seeing eyes, Boaz and Jachin Pillars, Pyramids, Baphomets, fractured mirrors, mannequins, Monarch butterflies and so forth that 

Of course Tom Hanks went on to do the The Da Vinci code followed up by Angels and Demons which had a different name in the German Market, and some people learned that he was actually playing Jordan Maxwell who taught so many of us the symbolism any enthusiast of reality needs to know in order to deconstruct the constructed reality of: War is Normal, Corporations are people, poverty isn't man made, fluid gender is the way forward, transgender toilets are more important than job creation, transhumanism is an escape from death and grab what you can and step on other because you're only here for a short time.

There's none of that symbolic agenda in Big, in fact it's charmingly naive in its childlike view of the world, but how many have noticed the change now that is the norm in most Hollywood Blockbusters you could probably care to mention? Let's be honest many have no idea at all, though there's no harm in imagining working relationship based on play, curiosity, competition, fun and laughter, collaboration and authenticity as depicted below by Tom Hanks and his visionary boss who eschews the marketing department and creates even greater profits by joining in with Tom Hanks and learning to play.

Update Jan 2020: The entire premise of the movie may be it's abuse link. Tom Hanks has a very disturbing Instagram account and an accuser claims he raped her as a child.