Tuesday 26 January 2016

The Flat Earth, Limited Hangout Psyop - Cui Bono?

Last year a trusted and respected blog I follow started to write about a subject that was so wild they wouldn't address it directly but just started to introduce topics and ask strange questions.

When I realised it was a Flat Earth claim I couldn't believe that somebody so smart could be making such an outlandish claim.

However by nature I am addicted to truth and that means reading a lot of lies, mountains of bullshit and cesspit's of disinformation, so I commenced studying the subject.

After 30 hours or so of learning, I concluded that there was indeed something there on many of the topics raised but the central premise did not stand up for me (naturally I could be wrong).

I concluded it was in the favour of outfits like NASA or GCHQ to have people running around prozelytizing a geocentric universe as it would discredit many other subjects in the eyes of the spoon fed masses.

Most of all, I found the zealous extremism of 'believers' distasteful and their inability to tackle subjects that cost human lives every day a great moral failure.

Nobody has died from living on a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron or spherical planet Earth. Anybody who has invested time studying the holographic universe would find the subject somewhat comedic given the illusory nature of much that is called solid reality.

However I dipped back into the subject this morning and I see the proponents have begun to realise my early assessment is in fact a reality though they still cling to the central tenet and that's alright by me. However I was impressed by a couple of the people in this Google hangout, and will make an effort to keep up with their work as I like their intelligence and level of sophistication on this complex subject which has now outstripped my early study by the six months I have ignored the subject.

I have much work to do on Terra Firma matters I feel can be resolved so that's where my focus is but I keep an open ear and a receptive mind to new information no matter how challenging.

One thing I am no longer wedded to is the heliocentric model though I'm surprised so few have applied the helical model to the subject.

In the mean time it's back to the grindstone of pragmatic activism and the really hard truth telling that scares the hell out of power such as The Number Six.