Sunday, 24 July 2011

Stanley Kubrick & David Bowie - 2001 Space Oddity

Unmissable for Kubrick fans looking to listen and/or see remixed classic Bowie tracks set to 2001 Space Odyssey. It's cost free and available to download using a variety of channels including bit torrent for the movie content which presumably was made at David Bowie's expense, though there are some premium tracks available for the Bowie/Kubrick aficionado. Well worth downloading for possibly the finest full length audio visual display available on the internet. A tall claim but one you can see for yourself over here.

The Youtube clip is from a fan who had a similar idea and not from the Bowie 2001 website, though it is reflective of the overall creativity. It's also well worth researching Kubrick's filming of NASA moon landings for reasons that nobody has fully figured out yet but which led to an entangled life for Stanley who seems to have observed up close the sharp teeth of the elite power groups and filmed the issues and themes he was exposed to in his prematurely cut short career.