Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Star Wars & Saturnalian Hexagons, Metatron's Cube & Occult Hollywood Imprinting

Some people say George Lucas channelled the story for Star Wars during an out of body experience after a nasty auto accident. The evidence in support of this is Lucas is a terrible writer and one only need look at the script for American Graffiti which would be lost without the sexiest baby boom American Autos on the planet.

Be that as it may, other quarters of the internet talk about the resemblance between Star Wars and feedback from people who have made interdimensional contact with Galactic Federations and so forth. The notion that good and bad exists through the universe and the need for a Joseph Campbell like hero's journey for the Terran humans.

Well that's all speculation and it's fun or scary to think about the parallels of a Hollywood machine that is imprinting memories and expectations through the power of a painted reality called film.

I prefer to look at the occult symbolism of these movies and not because I'm good at it but because others have spent a lifetime studying the matter and so I know what I'm looking for such as the symbolism of the Hexagon as a force for the dark side in so many movies even though I've talked about only a handful so far. The last one I noticed the obvious use of this Saturnalian worship was Tron Legacy and I've written at length about Stanley Kubricks nod towards this matter. Particularly in 2001 Space Odyssey and The Shining. Marathon Man is also worth a mention if one is acquainted with the Nazi connection to Saturnalia.

It's hard to convey quite why the 2D Hexagon's ability to accurately manifest/convey itself as a 3D cube is so remarkable but I tried to explain it in this post here which digs into religion, cubes and of course there are crop circle links. However I just watched Star Wars with the aim of seeing if there was anything in it that I hadn't noticed since the last time I watched it which would have been over two decades ago at least. Lo and behold I spotted the hexagonal snowflake design on the Empire's uniform helmets.

Those might not bring to life that 2D to 3D relationship of this cult that is linked to the dawn of time, the Kaaba in Mecca, Jewish Rabbis, The occultism of the black cube and of course the highest level Nazis (as ever). There's even a connection to Saturnalia worship with the Pope's Saturnalia hat. But then I realised I'd not been paying attention to the battles in Star Wars and it hit me. The Sides of the evil empire craft are as clear a dramatisation of Saturnalia hexagon to cube manifestation as one could wish for.  I've no idea of the value of this information but it's not a coincidence.

It's always the dark side that uses this symbolism. It's always the Hexagon. It's not called a Hex by accident.