Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gordon Duff

Veterans Today have cleaned up their act in recent months and have dropped their alien stories and more 'out there' writers. I don't particularly like Gordon Duff and he doesn't particularly like me, but he is without doubt one of the most interesting Intel sources on the net if you understand how to use discernment, and can grasp the notion that if everything he said was true he wouldn't be alive to repeat it.

My only regret is that between Jeff Rense constantly interrupting him and ruining his train of thought and Uncle Gordy's bull in a China shop ego it's often frustrating listening but all in all there are gems in his information, and that's what I scour the net for in piecing together the puzzle.

Gordon's Syrian credentials are particularly worth paying attention to when weighing up the shifting sands and alliances of the ZioAtlanticists.