Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The symbolism of David Bowie's Last Album and Eponymous Track: Blackstar

David Bowie's last album BlackStar's signature track, also called Blackstar is dripping in poignant symbolism. Aside from the line 'on the day of execution' we see visual clues to Kubrick's Space Odyssey (remember this Bowie Kubrick homage?), a straw man of Christianity (Project Bluebeam?), a Black Star represented as both the Star of David and let's call it Nibiru for fun, and of course the ubiquitous pyramid shaped triangle and all seeing eye juxtaposed with bandaged eyes.

I like the candle at the end that starts as a thin flame but swells into a gargantuan mass of humanity as time goes on. 

What do you think?