Friday, 22 April 2011

Race Against Time

The more research I do the more the nagging question comes back to me. Why is time and symbolism so important. Take two shining examples that anybody who does serious research on has to come out of the rabbit hole shaking their head, 911 and the Landing on the moon. I defy anybody to spend a couple of days researching the ritualism and coincidences for those two subjects and not be in the least concerned. Well, anybody except the bread and circus zombies.

Well it just so happens that I've parked Obama in a place where I am trying not to make a premature judgement as a few tidbits of research I've done give him till the end of his first term at least. I wont share them as they're tiny and pointless to others but to me they are pointers. 

Indicators that he's playing three dimensional chess. Let's just leave it at that. So today I heard another piece of information that turned the neuro cog in my head one degree more in the right direction. I was pissed off that Obama was going to the UK for a state visit and royal wedding. The British are such dutiful flag wavers and have no idea of the larger game being played out. Well I understand that visit is off for cosmic reasons. Which is how I like it. I'll post the interviews where I heard that later when I figure out how to put mp3 into Youtube.