Sunday, 24 April 2011

Thick Like Thieves: FBI, CIA, NSA & MOD

In the last few weeks the MOD, The FBI, The CIA and now the NSA have released UFO files. None of them are earth shattering but The FBI Roswell report is the most revealing and has a special context. Their files were published on a new digital, open source data base called The Vault and one important question becomes clear.

If it was a weather balloon then why fly it to Fort Worth air force base for analysis? The short answer is it wasn't a weather balloon. All the agencies are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they continue to deceive they likely lose the how and the when advantage of who discloses. (Update: Douglas Dietrich account of a Japanese war balloon is the most convincing)

If they reveal all they know, the floodgates then open on raw questions of who knew what. They seem to have gone for a document drip feeding strategy to soften you up. Some people I respect in the field are sympathetic to their plight. They think you wont be able to handle it. I suspect its not disclosure that will freak people out. It's the 5D deception matrix that goes along with it. Let's see how the chips fall.