Friday, 8 November 2019

Southampton Warriors

Act One:

It's that time of year when we honour and remember the bravery, courage and sacrifice that our boys (and girls) gave to defend the British people's right to determine their own destiny, free from the rule of external ideological threats to our way of life, and that we celebrate this coming Armistice day to remind us of the horrors of WWI trench warfare and mechanized killing through tanks.
The carnage and bloodshed of the Great War were perfectly choreographed to end at precisely 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month. This is a wink by the scriptwriters who celebrated their victory by locking the Allies into the next world war, through the Treaty of Versailles.

Act Two:

The second act can usually be darkest and so after a phoney start, Allied forces (minus the Yanks) found themselves staring into the abyss of defeat, with the Axis Powers surrounding us at Dunkirk. A retreat was the only option. The show was nearly over, but the super weirdo Adolf Hitler, sensing a premature ending, allowed us to slip through his fingers and suggested instead that his Panzer divisions stop for some German sausage and beer instead. Fortunately, Churchill and FDR had a cunning plan. The people of the U.S. had no desire to get involved and so a New Pearl Harbour was guaranteed to secure the consent of the Americans. Oh wait a minute, a New Pearl Harbour was how the Neocons kicked of the 9/11 drama 57 years later. What I meant to say was the old Pearl Harbour happened as Japan had no oil and just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria the best way to start a war is to choke a country economically, then kick their ass, and when they surrender, drop a nuke for a curtain call.

Act Three:

After the war, at our world-famous Southampton University, Dr Anthony Sutton earned his D.Sc (Doctorate of Science) in recognition of his research and a proven record of internationally recognised scholarship. By 1957 he had been snapped up by The Hoover Institution at Stanford University, a public policy think tank promoting the principles of individual, economic, and political freedom.
With his planet-sized brain, Tony (as he preferred to be called) devoured his way through many of the nearly one million volumes and more than six thousand archival collections from 171 countries dedicated to documenting war, revolution, and peace in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Just one problem.

He found out through his exhaustive research who those 11:11 jokers are *winky*, and he didn't think it was funny. He discovered that the US was transferring its manufacturing technology to the USSR at the height of the Cold War and that US Infantry, Cavalry and Marines fighting the Viet Cong and dying in the tropical rice paddies of Vietnam, were using the same Ford trucks they knew inside out from back home.
The Hoover Institution called a meeting and Tony's bosses said "now look Anthony, you've become a naturalised American, you have a top job at one of the most prestigious think tanks in the world and we need you to pull back on your research focus. Why don't you head a new department, dedicated to anything you like but not technology transfer to our enemies?
Maybe it's a Southampton thing but he told them to go fuck themselves, and he set up shop on his own. His later work is even more gobsmacking, but don't take my word for it. Make your own mind up if you've got an attention span longer than a poppy pin.

His interviews are quicker than reading his books. How can you "Never Forget" if you don't remember in the first place?

Tell me. Do you really support the troops?

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Jon Bercow, Keith Vaz & Frith Manor

I was shooting my mouth off earlier on Facebook-em-Danno, about John Bercow the corrupt former speaker of the house of commons. 

If he was a Christian or a Muslim I would publish the BREXIT plotting that all sides of the most divisive issue to tear the British people apart should demand to know, but there are limits to free speech. 

This doesn't mean, JB wasn't one of the most learned speakers in modern times. He knew his subject better than his adversaries and delivered it in that dazzling upper-class, Pompous-English cadence that wannabes like myself wouldn't mind being capable of, but I didn't attend a top school like Frith Manor in Woodside Park as John Simon Bercow did.

Now the thing about JB is that his BFF was Keith Vaz MP, so I searched my blog archives to see if I could illuminate the depths of whatever made both of these men completely untouchable by the most powerful levers of statecraft.

Just imagine my pearl-clutching and heart palpitations as I discovered that manipulation of my esteemed and generally ignored work had taken place? My blog post about Vaz had been kneecapped. 

I nearly fainted for an encore.... many of the cast spontaneously broke into tears and the audience looked like they collectively stood up to applause, as the curtain was drawn, but as we can't see a thing with the spotlights turned on us, it's about the feelz not audiencide eye-contact in the business.

Anyway, Vaz, or maybe even his mates 503'd the last of three posts about Keef On The Goa Vaz. Not because I called him oily in the headline... that's still there. 

The content is gone. 

I was itching to find out how I had triggered things, so I hit on an idea, and for the first time ever, I searched the waybackmachine to see what the archives said, as top journos in the United States had confidently informed me that all claims of meddling could be settled in this manner.

Hah, the good old days eh.

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Jack Hargreaves & Southern Television

By "us", I mean my siblings. A younger brother Alexander, and my older sister Maria (Marie-Elaine). 

I think they have both personalised their monikers now, so don't let me define how they like to be called. 

We children ("us") were born before the internet, and as kids if you wish, were often bored at the available options on Sunday for example, but even the weekdays and evenings could be tedious from a child's perspective. Uneventful if housebound.

Sunday was largely commerce-free (shops including supermarkets were closed), which isn't the same as commercial-free. 

The local TV station (Southern TV, TVS (subsequently Meridian) often broadcast perplexing Television content like Jack Hargreaves' Out of Town program about the countryside. 

Internally, we knew it wasn't designed to be boring but it does take aging to appreciate how "slow", can be imbued with more value than fast.

Unexpectedly, a nine-year-old or even an eleven-year-old wouldn't ordinarily be interested in fly fishing, or agrarian seasonal activity. 

It pleases me that I can revisit the "Out of Town" content on the internet, and reassess my somewhat immature, youthful reaction.

I'm still working on the 11:11, 555, 333, etc post. 

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Kanye West

Kanye name dropping Edward Bernays and a lot lot more.

Probably the most important artist since Ian Curtis IMO at this point in time.

I can't believe I typed that but inspiration, is seldom the real thing.

I listened for about the 4th time during the night and wondered if I'd find the talk about Jesus a bit uphill, but in fact, it's a very relaxing interview and many of the comments echo that.

Kanye, has the best laugh I've heard in ages. I didn't know the old Kanye, but I like the new one.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

In Defence of the Illuminati

Censored Image

I've been racking my brains for a bit on how to explain this subject, and finally, I had an idea of integrating my real-life conundrum to aim a spotlight on the subject from I hope, a useful perspective but which no doubt will be a rambling incoherency.

I need to bullet point part one as I'm prone to waffling and time is not unlimited, so here's the thought process in order of priority. Things I wanted to change in my lifetime.
  • Surely Fiat currency, fractional reserve as well as central banking are completely synthetic scams, or hoaxes if you wish, that however hard I try (you can too), I can never work out, quite how they were foisted on humanity? How did this happen without pushback, if not immediately, then subsequently? #Money
  • The conflict (war) machine is retarded. Might isn't right. This is logic. #War
  • Deception is a business model, but not an inspirational one. Is transparency not subterfuge more robust than say casting 9 spe11s and manufacturing the spellbound? #Tricks #Advertising #Illusion
  • Does one need to extract another's energy in order to extend the principle's reserves? Is theft too harsh a word? Why not rape? #Power #Energy
  • Nationalism is retarded. How can we explore the universe while squabbling over domestic resources? #Multiculturalism
  • Gender identity is superfluous. Who cares if the universe is male or female? #Gender
  • National identity is worthless, or at best negligible. #Ethnicity #Identity
  • Doesn't it make sense to subsidize and finance that which will cause great suffering... if allowed to fail? #Socialism

These are all points of thinking arrived at by assuming I now see, misguided good intent that as a young lad and now a half Century later burdens me (and maybe you too) if we look at ourselves in the mirror? 

What is striking is these early subjective social ideals that manifested for me, or are on the verge of manifesting, if we are paying attention is they aren't what I expected. I'm saying the Illuminati seem to have not been unresponsive to your average well-meaning lefty and what I and many others, I'm guessing, wished to see. 

I'm now constantly humiliated as I feel the burden of what once seemed simple obvious solutions but which are in fact, crude, ill-defined and facile answers. Be careful what you wish for.

Anyway to mirror part one: 

The Federal Reserve is on the back foot.
War is already obsolete. Mutually assured destruction still possible but no standing armies will fight for bloodlines again, and they know it.
Trickery or transparency is corpulent with unavoidable responsibility. There's no escape from reality, if you wish.
Conservation of energy isn't disputed. Inputs and outputs are empirical.
Multiculturalism has been weaponized such that identity to our next-door neighbours can now easily be framed as hate(speech).
Gender fluidity too has been weaponized such that identifying as being a woman or a man is now hate speech.
Nationalism has not escaped being weaponized, such that being bred in a country can now be a lower priority than new arrivals from places we bombed with laser-guided precision because the war profiteers subsidize our entertainment.
Why is it the only shared burden that can never take place, are new ideals of shared endeavour aimed at caring not neglecting?

Part II
This is not an exculpatory blog post in favour of the Illumined mafia, it's just a healthy attempt to look at the problem from their side... and then attempt to put it down in words.

Allow me to try, please. Clumsy as that may be.

A lot of people....used-to.... canned-laughter, double over at any mention of the nutjob subject known as the Illuminati.

Even though George Washington warned us in his own handwriting of the threat from this self-propelling trauma-based business model.

And, Natural philosophers (as indeed Faraday was), ditched their mathematics and physics careers to publish in 1797 Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison.

It's enough of a burden, just to manage our mortal lives, but this group..... this very special pioneering.... gang if you will, have assumed responsibilities for planning multi-generational objectives that defy convention.

History is replete with dynasties. This subject is not new. But, this is no ordinary dynastic intersectional collective.

Their track record of maintaining control is (debatably) unbroken. It is this function they outperform all other Secret Societies, Orders, Fraternities or Cosa Nostra on. 

While we think month to month, about mortgage payments or brothel bills.... ... this clique of bloodlines pride themselves on the long game.

Kinda like the Jesuits but tooled-up with a fairly extensive body of research-work, on genetics and mind control.

They are phenomenally successful in the entertaining us to death business, but in a broader sense, it seems they understand the unlimited firepower of social engineering.

Mind Control if you wish.

Culture, perhaps more succinct.

One of the surprising factors about the Illuminati, is they are no hypocrites. 

If obliged to do to their own offspring, what they do to other people's children, they will do it. They impose the same rules on others, that they apply to themselves. Trauma-based mind control is self-evident in Bush Jr for example.

They are ideologically pure, for what it's worth.

It is us who have incoherent explanations for reality, not them.

Are we presented with an unsolvable multi-generational, trauma-narrative rubbed in our faces through the easy peasy to learn (if inclined) language of symbolism?

It's not about the money money money (we don't need your money, money, money).

It's way more interesting than that. 

If you have a strong stomach.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

2019 - Year Of The Cripple

2019, January and I was bed-bound for six weeks as the most crippling of pains burnt, pierced, scraped, smashed, needled and electrocuted their way through the path from my neck to my left arm and finally my hand, leaving me with a half-paralysed grasp when it finally subsided after a chiropractic visit that took away the perma-pain.

This was my welcome into a brand new year.

6 weeks in bed, ditching the complex-care work I was doing and now up to my neck in bills with no occupation.

The neurologist was succinct. 

Half an hour of electric needle tests and he said you've got brachial neuritis and we don't know what causes it.

Six fucking weeks and I got a name to call it by, and nothing else except bouts of pain for the rest of my life and a gammy typing hand after decades of effortless writing.

That's when I realised I'd fucked up and not written the book I'd mulled over for half a century, while I could still touch-type.

Too late buster.

Had it...

Lost it...

Serves you right. 

Som nom naa (gala hua jok) as the Thais say. 

Anyway, that's why I haven't written anything substantive for a long time.

So here I am, 2019... year of the cripple and bashing something out before I throw an iMac through the window to keep the neighbours entertained.

Ya hear me?


I'm just beginning.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Toxic Prurience

Freer & Blue in Cambodia

It's been a few years now so I don't mind publishing these private emails as the lesson still applies today for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see.

My good friend Peter Doran in Bangkok was a self-made multi-millionaire. He was striking to look at, tough as hell and stricken with the most aggressive bouts of violent depression.

He was a dangerous man to be around, but he was also one of the most generous, funny and clever people I ever met. I considered him to be an older brother, but from time to time it came at great expense.

I recall once he was pissed off with his brother Johnnie who had left for New York and decided to stitch him up by finding out some hotel details of a client/friend who was staying at The Conrad in Bangkok. Earlier that day he had tried to overdose and I was starting my new job as Planning Director at Dentsu Bangkok. It was literally my first day and so I could only help by calling another friend (Frank Duvi) to go check up on Pete or Blue as we called him. 

As there was no answer from his bedroom, I instructed Frank to break down the door, a job he was capable of as a former French foreign legionnaire and Muay Thai boxer.

Anyway, after work, I headed over to Blue's and that's when he decided to take me for a drink down The Conrad in the Diplomat bar, a place I frequented regularly, he pulled out a scrap of paper with the room number of his brother's friend, and proceeded to order a 1500 pounds sterling bottle of champagne on that rooms tab.

I was frozen with fear, as it was clear Blue was in a mess from his earlier suicide attempt, and he didn't look particularly credible with a scrap of paper reading the room number out to the barwoman. Anyway, she took the order and delivered the champagne in an ice bucket wrapped in immaculate white napkins. We drank it and then we left to head over to Patpong GoGo bars. I only breathed a sigh of relief when we got in the cab. My next visit to that bar was very uncomfortable, as the kindly barwoman recognised me, but didn't say anything. It was not my order but I was complicit.

In any case the reason I am bringing up Blue is that he had access to a mutual friend's email account and he had made a habit of reading all his private emails on a regular basis for a couple of years. That is until, as you can see above, he forwarded me an email one day, thinking I'd understand it was not him but being forwarded, but instead I blew his cover by responding to our mutual friend as if the email was meant for me.

Blue was very angry with me, our friend Tim Ramos the owner of the email account who was a multi-millionaire sex-addict retiree from Hawaii was mad at me, thinking I'd colluded with Blue although I had done nothing but respond to that forwarded email which was quite insulting and so my reply was caustic, to say the least.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share that when the dust had settled, Blue admitted that having access to Tim's email had been corrosive and had fed an obsession that had become toxic to him in the end, as any addicted snooper and peeping tom will reveal when asking how and why their prurience had affected them.

I live a fairly open life and try not to have any secrets, because I know that it's your secrets that kill you in the end. 

I eat, shit, fuck, smoke, fart and wank like the old bachelor I am who prefers not to copulate with ladies just for the sex, as I feel it's damaging to be in a fake relationship, (although I'm always on the lookout for someone special). Lady luck is always a possibility.

I have found that those who obsess over me, are always the same, and have recurring observable traits. 

Insanely jealous, insecure and inveterate liars who have no grasp that some of us don't lie for convenience. 

Snoopers are the meconium of the universe, and that applies to Pete's email 'hacking' and to anyone else who lives vicariously.

Get a life. 

Mine is already taken.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Blame It On The Muslims

I was noodling around and came across Kay Griggs. 

She claims to be the wife of the Chief of Staff to the U.S. Marine Corp (Semper Fi), in.. I guess it was recorded in early nineties going by granularity of the video? I might be wrong...

If what she says is true, or even just half of's an exposé and no doubt. 

I'm assuming Marine' chiefs of staff (and the long-suffering wives)  are documented and at worst available by FOIA request.

Over the years, I have listened to criticism that Kay Griggs is nuts. 

I kind of see it, I wouldn't date her just because she drove a Saab convertible... oh alright I probably would....but don't blame her. The failing is entirely mine, and anyway, she fell for her husband because they both had Saab convertible cars and parked next to each-other. 

That's how she ended up married to a psychopath. 

The extent of her story is hours-of-recording-long, and even the best bullshitter is unable to Improv longer than 20 minutes, unless it's true.

Anyway, make your own mind up.... if it hasn't gone down the memory hole yet.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


An excellent presentation by Beverley Blass on water.

My next post is scheduled on a meaningful date for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Non-Linear Technological Unveilings

Burdens of conspiracy theory epithet include MSM articles stating... uniformly, that "conspiracy theorists believe.." followed by the most preposterous version of anything from Space Lizards to the the execution of JFK.

For example:

"Conspiracy theorists believe JFK is chill-axing with Elvis in a Pakistan Madrasa"

My first experience of the Zapruder film-hoax was in B&W.

Here it is, in colour.

The Las Vegas shooting, official version states that there is no known motive, over two years later.


Make your own mind up.

What's the point of speculation, when the only respected speculators on the planet are on Wall Street and/or Corporation City of London.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Monday, 16 September 2019

New Whistleblower Testimony Against Brennan & Rosenstein

Testimony like this is invariably scrubbed from the net so I urge you to either rip it or listen in a timely manner.

This is the best whistleblower recording since, we found out the allegedly vivid reason for the OKC bombing.

It's also a troubling interview to listen to as the interviewer breaks down sobbing; listening to how the deep state crushes people it fears could be a liability to its existence. (She's also emotive to a lesser degree, when there's no need to be, but the interview is still worth persevering with).

The interviewee has some breathing problems from the beatings he sustained, so give that a few minutes to get used to. Just because somebody is a cripple, doesn't mean it's funny.

What I found most interesting, most worthy of stealing from this intel drop, is how the deep state plans, thinks and acts to maintain it's own survival. 

There is no law when it comes to their aims, particularly from within the DOJ, CIA and FBI.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

The Memoirs of Billy Shears

The memoirs of Billy shears Is a biography written by William Shepherd (Billy), the character who took over Paul McCartney's role after his death in 1966. 

It is written as fiction, so as to avoid any transgressions of the nondisclosure agreement signed 53 years ago. However, William Shepherd a.k.a. Billy shears sheep shears get it? Yah... He documents enough evidence to support his claim there fore any reasonable person, would be unable to deny. The obvious proof that the book is for real is that it makes use of Beatles lyrics, and this can only be achieved with the permission of Apple Corps (A Paul Corp) geddit...

I can't say I believe all the explanations in the book as to the reason for the death of Paul M... for example, the explanation for the insertion of a double, the acquiescence of Lennon to William Shepherd's demand, and many other examples.

The book has been encoded by a 32° Mason called Thomas E. You Harriet. This means it has exactly 66 chapters, 666 pages and has three layers of communication. The first is that the book is written like any ordinary Book read from left to right first to last page. The next layer of encoding is the bolded it out letters on each page which form another level of communication although often it's a more succinct presentation of the larger book. The last level of encoding is called acrostical. This means that every other line begins with a letter and it is these combined letters that form words and sentences that explain other secrets in the book.

As I have stated previously, the first time I heard about the Paul McCartney conspiracy I looked into it and rejected it as fantastic. However, over the years I have researched it in more depth and concluded that in the main it really did happen.

I have no desire to discuss this book with anyone who hasn't read it, as the reading, is really the basis for a concrete discussion.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Finders Keepers - A Documentary

Finders keepers is a terrific little documentary, set in the southern parts of the United States. It's the kind of film that Hollywood would ordinarily cast Billy Bob Thornton in, and which he excels at.

Instead of Hollywood, it's a grounded documentary about the influence of the media on very normal people. Well, I say ordinary people but these characters are the kind of people who are simple but also very complex.

It would be easy to critique these homely people and the effect that a concentrated media presence had upon them. However, it was the appearance on a TV show that lead to one of the protagonists finally seeking help for his alcohol and drug addictions.

It's also a documentary about ownership and possession, and how in some respects we don't own things, because its things that end up owning us. In the end everything works out for the better, though not without many tears, pain and heartbreak. 

The greatest learning from this documentary is that sometimes ill intentioned people can be a catalyst for our own growth and this is a learning and mindset we should carry with us each day.

There is a loser in this movie, but only because he doesn't recognise the lesson delivered to him for what it is.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

China & Hong Kong

Not much coverage of Gilets Jaunes protests reaching 42 weeks. 

What is in it for The Guardian to publish Hong Kong demos?

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Friday, 16 August 2019

Bella Thorne & Disney

Capturing your imagination.