Sunday 19 October 2014

911 Political Refugees - Journalist Christopher Bollyn

Journalist Christopher Bollyn was assaulted by the police and had his arm broken, when he began to report on the links between Israel and 9/11. He escaped to Sweden where he lives in exile, but his expertise on Israel and 9/11 (he speaks Hebrew) is still one of the most respected on the planet.

There's some dispute between many 9/11 researchers about the use of thermite or mini nukes in the demolition of the twin towers. 

I want to make it clear that after years of study I'm still unsure of the full range of methodologies used that day.

Actually it doesn't really matter, and the people who fuel those arguments are often cognitive infiltrators to use a contemporary expression. However we do know the criminal architects behind the crime even though they had lots of help by their friends in the CIADoJPentagon and Congress. These are NetanyahuDov ZackheimMichael ChertoffLarry SilversteinJules & Jeremy KrollFrank LowyPhilip ZelikowPaul WolfowitzRichard PerleDouglas FeithJack Abramoff and a special shout out to the gentiles Dick CheneyDonald Rumsfeld and the odious L. Paul Bremmer.