Wednesday 11 July 2012

Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny (John Pilger)

There's still a few Vietnam vets running around Bangkok. They're usually shot to pieces emotionally and in need of a morning beer around Washington Square but I enjoy talking to them because of their visceral memories and proximity to massacre and carnage. There's something life affirming in talking to people who have seen senseless killing.

In all the time I've been talking to Vietnam vets online and offline local or somewhere around the world I've never heard anyone nail it more closely than John Pilger's documentary. It's extraordinary. Heart wrenching but extraordinary.

Update: Washington Square has been torn down. Here's a photo of it now.

The best thing about the documentary above, is Vietnam Vets shooting their commanding officers. This practice I completely approve of during imperial wars. It is probably the reason the US withdrew from the Vietnam War, not the protesters back home. 

The practise of shooting commanding officers is called Fragging and the real figures are kept top secret.

Remember that if you ever have to point a gun at someone for someone else's war.