Wednesday 7 September 2016

Keith Vaz - Paedosadist Protector

Keith Vaz has been caught using young male escort prostitutes with cocaine and popper drugs. The Chairman of the Home Affairs select committee finally resigned when video evidence was provided.

That's the trivial stuff.

Vaz stood up in Parliament and defended Gentile Child Rapist Lord Greville Janner and also leaked the names of the Child Abuse Victims whose lives were then threatened by people who didn't want the scale of the problem to leak out.

Vaz is a wrong'un and up to his oily ears in child-raping filth protection. I told him so on Twitter and was blocked by him before being suspended. All my research posts on the perpetrators of the child abuse network in Westminster and Buckingham Palace (and their defenders) have been tanked by Google but the work stands even if only a few people know about it.