Monday 11 November 2019


The most curious example, in my opinion above, is the rejection of my card for 5.55 at The Key & Anchor, three times yet I only used cash in the pub that night. The screengrabs were arbitrary, I looked up from time to time for no specific reason, and noted the numbers which came at me like a blizzard. It was quite a wild ride but also not without intense interest.

A post of mine was reported to Facebook and the automatic review process has taken offence to starving and partially clothed people as above. There was a chance to appeal but in the end, I've posted loads on Churchill so I let it go.

That's OK as it's their business platform. Facebook was OK a few years ago, but it's not an activist tool anymore, though it has worked well in the past.

This post, I hope will remain in the public domain to raise public awareness of MKULTRA, Palestine and institutionalised child abuse.

I still have more work to do on this post but this will do for the time being.

Update: It still goes on but less intensive.

Just so all are clear. I don't wait for the numbers to align.

I merely look at anything with the display of a number (clocks, computers etc) and the synchronicity is there. The camera on my phone is broken so I'm unable to take photos and am restricted to screenshots. 

Otherwise, there would be more.