Tuesday 10 December 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly set to appear on US TV for a "tell-all" interview, despite being just as important an interview by the FBI and Special Branch, who haven't managed to locate and arrest her. It reminds me of that CNN interview with Osama Bin Laden, despite the entire US military's inability to locate him. 

That event was a setup as are the claims of an impending Ghislaine Maxwell interview.

Let's just recap.

Jeffrey Epstein was the ersatz frontman for a brownstone operation, plus sex-trafficking, plus a supply of ritual sacrifice babies, organ harvesting and human experiments the normies will never be able to process, even if they are told (cognitive dissonance), by researchers who have seen enough evidence.

Epstein had no degree, no teaching qualifications and was funded into position by the Israeli Zionist Mega Group, which is a Zionist Jewish Billionaires clubwith an extensive and deep network of sexual blackmail over government officials, top scientists and leading technology entrepreneurs.

In contrast, Epstein's partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell (Pronounced Gill, soft g - for fish gill, and Len/Lane for a stroll down lovers-lane/len), was the Oxford University graduate, helicopter, jet and submarine pilot, as well as the brains behind the operation, not Epstein, who she was introduced to, by her father, Mossad spy and Daily Mirror pensions-thief Robert Maxwell in the early eighties. 

He got too greedy and fell off the back of his yacht before being buried on Israel's most prestigious cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

MI6, Mossad and CIA are the usual teamsters behind all the top level organised crime in the world, with Israeli Zionists often the key architects and operators, as we learned from their 9/11 crimes, where many of the criminals involved were tied. We still have many opinions on what actually happened with respect to methodologies. 

We know the who, but not the how. 

Many suspect SIS is actually in charge and the wizard behind the curtain, using their CIA and Mossad proxies to do the dirty work. A common mistake most people make is the misunderstanding that intelligence agencies are tasked with protecting their own country, when in fact they operate trans-nationally, and their main task is to dupe their own populations into believing we are the good guys.

Epstein was ostensibly groomed into position because he blagged his first teaching job at a top NY private school (Dalston), despite having no qualifications, and also because he had already earned a reputation for being keen to attend all the girl-students social affairs and get-togethers. 

The Sayanim (look up the word) in the Mega Group and their wider global network had been tasked with finding a Jewish Zionist chancer who fitted the bill and Jeffrey Epstein was their man.

Leon D. Black, the Zionist head of Bear Sterns discovered through his daughter who attended Dalton private school, about Jeffrey Epstein and his reputation for trying to have sex with his students, Leon decided he was the perfect candidate (not too smart, not too stupid) and began the career-washing of him through the New York branch of Bear Stearns.

After four years, Epstein was urged to set up his own hedge fund backed by Les Wexner, and the rest of the Mega Group’s billionaire Zionist Jews, who made sure he never lacked for money or the 'image' of a billionaire, as money is a touch of a keyboard button for this gang.

Ghislaine was in some respects his handler and Epstein possibly didn’t even know.

Her alleged interview could never be revealing as it will require deconstructing her answers and applying it to the knowledge we already have. 

There will be no mention of the rituals and sacrifices made on the British Virgin Island of Little St James.