Tuesday 31 January 2012

William Cooper's CNN Interview (How Jack Hammer Editing TV Keeps You Stupid)

I didn't know that William Cooper's journey to enlightenment began during his time with the U.S. Navy when he saw an aircraft carrier sized UFO emerge from the sea. Fortunately others did too and they were all told to shut their mouths and never speak of it between each other without severe punishment including losing their pensions.

But this isn't about UFO's. It's about a complicated man sharing his dangerous knowledge for which he was later quite likely killed  by the authorities. Like princess Diana he didn't die straight away so the cops blocked the road and waited patiently while turning back the ambulances till it was all over. 

This is a must see interview (particularly for first timers) from 1992 made by CNN. It's from a time when investigative journalists would interview people instead of 5 minute sound bite interviews by shallow narcissists.

It feels like a different world.