Monday 30 January 2012

Bill Ryan's Past Life Regression

I keep an eye on Bill Ryan's posts in the Project Avalon Forum. The people there are nice and well informed. In this interview that I posted last year, Bill talked about his clear memory of past lives. His post below is a candid update to that story and well worth reading if like me the idea of past lives is slightly ordinary common sense. I don't recall any of mine but that doesn't take away from it in the slightest. A quick hypnotic regression would sort that out.

Hi, Folks:

Recently I remembered a highly traumatic event in my last lifetime. Sit tight, dear friends, and listen to this.

I have a clear recall of many lifetimes (some of which go way back) -- including a great deal of information about my lives from 1850-1901 and 1902-1924. 

But the last lifetime (1925-1952) has always been obscured. When that happens -- i.e. everything is accessible and available except a certain period -- it always means that there's something sitting there that one just cannot bear to look at.

I've been researching my own past lives for 27 years. And finally, two weeks ago, I accessed the lifetime before this one. What I could not bear to look at was this.

I was abducted, by caring, concerned and benevolent ETs, in [I believe] September 1946. This was very early for such things: a full 9 months before Roswell. I was abducted with hundreds of other selected individuals. And we were all shown -- graphically, experientially and unforgettably -- a possible future Earth.

I came apart when this repressed memory returned. We humans were together shown a very terrible future. We saw burning cities: billions of people dying in agony. The entire Northern Hemisphere was laid to waste. Plants, animals, forests, seas, men, women, children – all destroyed. South America and Central to Southern Africa were [I believe] spared. The nightmare vision was apocalyptic and as dreadful as one could imagine.

We had all been chosen as messengers. Returned to Earth, with full recall of this awful experience, I was driven like a soul possessed to communicate what had happened -- and what I had been shown. But this was 1946: no-one would listen.

At that time I was in my very early 20s: an earnest, intelligent and sensitive young man. I was utterly ill-equipped to deal with this. I tried to talk to everyone I knew: friends, family, my fiancĂ©e. I was shunned, rejected, laughed at: mocked first with teasing laughter, then concern, then with fear, anger and rejection. I did all I could to tell the truth. And I tell you here: knowing the future – or believing that one knows it – is not a gift, it is a curse.

I don’t know what happened after that, except that I was reduced to a degree of inner torture that I would never wish on another soul. I reincarnated as Bill Ryan in February 1953, so I didn’t live for many years after my fateful experience. I died before I was 30, and I do not yet know how that life ended.

So: enter Bill Ryan. Many of you will not know that when I was a child I had a speech impediment. It was quite serious: I could barely speak. It was basically a heavy stammer. My throat chakra had a huge, tangled, energetic blockage.

I was mercilessly teased as a child, and at school lived in permanent anxiety of being asked questions by the teacher. I was very bright, and took refuge in academia and sport: I excelled at both. But I was an unhappy child. However, as time passed, I gradually overcame my handicap to become a teacher, a team-building specialist, and finally a researcher, an investigator, and a motivational and inspirational speaker with tens of millions of views on YouTube.

Just as in all my years of personal growth I never accessed my previous lifetime, I never had any clue why I was born with a stammer. And now, suddenly, last week, it all became clear. I collapsed in huge sobs in the arms of a dear friend as the avalanching realization came that the reason I could not speak as a child was because I ended my previous lifetime not being able to speak of my terrible experience. And just as I was teased and rejected by my friends at the end of my last lifetime, I was teased and rejected by my friends as a reborn child for the same reasons: simply because I was trying to say something.

The catharsis was total. After several days, last week, I came to a state of peace… in which I now write. So much was explained: my driven interest in esoteric subjects as a child (see my Avalon Interview Part 1, in which I tell the amusing story about how I wanted to write a story about ghosts and flying saucers as a child of 8), my commitment to be a teacher, my commitment to peace and harmony on Planet Earth, my teenage interest in scientific subjects such as quantum theory, relativity and astrophysics, and finally Projects Camelot and Avalon, dedicated to raising awareness and – guess what – changing the timeline of our collective experience. I imagine that few of us really know the reasons we make what we believe are free choices in our lives.

So: here we are. And I need to draw some important words of conclusion.

I do NOT believe that this future will happen, that hundreds of us were shown in 1946. I think we’ve avoided it.

What we were shown was a warning: not a prediction. As Inelia described in her May 2011 Avalon interview, we’re doing really well; and as Bill Wood stated in Kerry’s Camelot interview, we may only be a handful of Grandmaster chess moves away from an unavoidable checkmate of the black pieces.

The reasons why the benevolent ETs – themselves superhumanly intelligent and psychically gifted, and also deeply caring in a kind of ultimately parental way – have been focusing so intently on Planet Earth is simply to assist us in changing our own timeline. But we ourselves have to do that: they cannot.

The ET presence is simply about that. They have been our teachers: guiding, cajoling and motivating us, in extraordinarily clever and subtle ways (including many of them incarnating as humans), to take responsibility and make free choices that will result in a new collective agreement and therefore in a new collectively experienced reality.

The entire complexity is further entangled by certain ET races that have a vested interest in disaster and/or enslavement, not liberation – and by other races visiting us from the future who are intent on avoiding or changing timelines that from their own point of view have actually already occurred… the ultimate mindbender of all.

The reason I’m posting this story is to inspire and encourage others to come forward. Others have had a similar experience:

-- and this guy, “William” – who told Linda Howe a staggering and important story about the possible Third World War:

It seems to have been a theme. Tens of thousands of us (maybe even millions) may have been warned in this way. It seems to have been at least part of the reason why abductions occur. Countless people will also have had this experience (as Jim Sparks explains) – and have not recalled it.


Maybe the ETs have been successful in this mission of theirs. I do NOT believe that this future will happen. I think we’ve avoided it.

What we were shown was a warning: not a prediction. As Inelia described in her May 2011 Avalon interview, we’re really doing pretty well; and as Bill Wood stated in Kerry’s recent Camelot interview, it’s possible that we may be only a handful of Grandmaster chess moves away from an inevitable checkmate of the black pieces.

When I was in Tibet, the community I was part of was united by one theme and one mission: to honor, protect, and work ceaselessly for the freedom of all living beings. In my work today, I try to echo that. It's a lesson not only for me, but for us all.