Sunday 29 January 2012

I Claudius (Synchronicity Soup )

I was seven years old when the BBC first aired I Claudius and yesterday it finally made an excuse for me to lie down and learn something from it. I was researching some Robert Graves and MKULTRA connections (more on that later) when I learned that I Claudius came to him in a dream in which Claudius wished to set the historical record straight.

That's more than enough reason to drop everything these days as I weave my way through information that is seemingly useful and data that isn't. I've not perfected the art yet but the closer I pay attention to the synchronicity the more rewarding and profitable it is.

Let me just repeat that. If it comes to you in dreams. I'm already paying a lot more attention than any other source of news I keep my eye on. Completely unexpectedly after watching this I went to sleep last night starting a John Lash podcast where he quoted a few stanzas of Robert Grave and I knew I was on to something.

The White Goddess 

All saints revile her, and all sober men 
Ruled by the God Apollo's golden mean - 
In scorn of which we sailed to find her 
In distant regions likeliest to hold her 
Whom we desired above all things to know, 
Sister of the mirage and echo. 

It was a virtue not to stay, 
To go our headstrong and heroic way 
Seeking her out at the volcano's head, 
Among pack ice, or where the track had faded 
Beyond the cavern of the seven sleepers: 
Whose broad high brow was white as any leper's, 
Whose eyes were blue, with rowan-berry lips, 
With hair curled honey-coloured to white hips. 

The sap of Spring in the young wood a-stir 
Will celebrate with green the Mother, 
And every song-bird shout awhile for her; 
But we are gifted, even in November 
Rawest of seasons, with so huge a sense 
Of her nakedly worn magnificence 
We forget cruelty and past betrayal, 
Heedless of where the next bright bolt may fall. 

Robert Graves 

I never appreciated Brian Blessed fully till watching I Claudius. He's extraordinary and most enjoyable.