Saturday, 31 December 2011

Withdraw From Iraq - Penetrate Iran: Council On Foreign Relations Masturbates Furiously

When the powerful group Council On Foreign Relations (Reptile HQ) wrote an article that Silvio Berlusconi was on his way out I knew it was a done deal. Amazingly when I reminded people after, they all replied that it was inevitable even even though it wasn't. He's the longest serving and most resilient post war Italian Prime Minister with more scandal on his crime sheet than any other E.U. leader. Berlusconi was the cockroach EU survivor but suddenly people exercised false memory syndrome with pseudo political knowledge. It's weird living in a parallel universe that filters the shit out of mainstream media. I worry who you are sometimes repeating TV and newspaper revisionism. Have you no critical faculties of how these false realities are constructed?

Now the Council On Foreign Relations is calling for war. Like Iraq they are telling lies about the reason. They are playing the non existent fear threat. They are despicable and we should hang them when the books are balanced. They are our intra-species predator.

That's the power of mainstream media. People are told afterwards 'it was inevitable' by the boob tube and that's the last they remember of the matter even though a Bilderberg Banker is now in charge of Italy. Who is this Matthew Kroenig character egging on war? What's his stake? How much money does he make out of this?  How much fighting has he seen? Why is the TV friendly weasel able to say such outrageous statements when Iran have never attacked anyone and the Anglo American alliance is like a rabid dog out of control on crystal methampehtamine?

So when the Council For Foreign Relations (and lizards like @Rothkopf) say it's time for war with Iran you should know that China and Russia aren't going to sit by and watch the Anglo American Empire put another flag in the last Middle East oil field worth having.

Please be aware of the psycho groups that pull the strings of power whichever party is in government.

Update: Matthew Kroenig is dispensed with in Salon.