Saturday, 31 December 2011

Alan Abbedessa - The Sync Book

The first time I heard the word synchronicity I rolled it around a while as I kind of liked it but synchromysticism stuck to the wall like perfectly cooked pasta. Allan Abbedessa has written a book on the subject that I think is a useful contribution to the topic as it's less about didactic forms of what is this to you, and more about what is this to the 26 contributors. Synchromysticism is a more in depth interaction with life and it's a lot less harmful than joining the military and joystick piloting drone UAV's to drop bombs on Afghan weddings. The Blogtalk embeds are capricious so you might need to reload the page to play this excellent interview with Touchstone Tom (Malone) of Grok The Talk or just go to the page itself.

Synchronicity seems to be on our side. It's worth digging into.

Update: Alan Abbedessa on Cosmic Gnostic Radio and his blog is here.

Here is the Mike Clelland interview with Alan.

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