Wednesday 30 September 2020

Panic in DC - Why Trump Will Win The Election

I understand people who are triggered (media programming) by Trump. I've never really been much of a policy wonk but I've been doing an hour or so a day of studying the man, in case I have got something wrong. His output is unmatched in terms of volume, transparency and quality by any other politician I'm familiar with throughout history.

Sure he's obnoxious and illiterate (on the subject and support of) Zionism, but that's something that has never changed since the formation of the terrorist state of Israel, and I'm hopeful that the Q drop on the subject is in direct contrast to Trump's anti-Semitic, embarrassing and sycophantic behaviour towards a country that is the worst thing to happen to the Jews (and the UK & USA) despite a long history of being exploited by what can only be described as a pseudo-theistic internal parasite.

If I'm wrong, naturally I'll publish that is the case, but if you're triggered by Trump, the video I scraped and uploaded above is what you are facing, and I'm seeing a lot of wins in his first term that I project will continue into his second term. 

We knew about Ruth Bader Ginsberg over a year ago along with many other insider information that is freely available to those who persevere with, ahem, the great work. Here are some memes that I've had on file for quite a while.

The choice to know will be yours.

Update: I'm grateful Twitter agreed it was a rubbish debate. October surprise?