Wednesday 20 April 2011

Brice Taylor - MK ULTRA


I've posted three of these videos from three extraordinary American women who emerged unintentionally from the CIA's mind control program called MK ULTRA and Monarch Programming. All were used as sexual slaves in a satanic abuse matrix that includes figures who are named. 

If those names were innocent then wouldn't they pursue libel through the courts? It's telling that they don't. All you have to do is listen to their testimony, maybe do some research for yourself on MK ULTRA and Monarch Programming at the CIA and establish for yourselves why they would feel the need to endure further ridicule at absolutely no possible gain for themselves. 

At one point in this interview Brice Taylor reveals that it took six years of daily therapy to relive all the horrors that she endured. These memories only surfaced after a car crash when her head went through the windscreen. At one point her therapist in a quiet suburb gets up and notices the unusual presence of two men waiting in a car outside her practice. This is how it works when one has the resources of the State at hand.

I found watching and listening to Arizona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor's testimony distressing and uncomfortable over the last few weeks. It's hard to consider matters of sexual abuse when sex for real humans is a matter of pleasure. One of mutual respect and love. These brave women were brutalised by the State and powerful people both psychologically and physically. They are the dark scummy ring at the top of society that profits from war, controls the media and peddles ignorance like it's going out of fashion at Primark end of season sale.

I applaud David Icke for being one of the few people who have championed their case. I applaud the bravery of these women in coming forward against all odds.

Update: I've just watched this video of Brice Taylor below and I don't think all her testimony is credible. That doesn't mean she still isn't a victim. It just means her words don't always have the ring of authenticity that takes a long time to pick up on.

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Update - First video removed by Google. Substitute example used.