Thursday, 11 August 2011

Order From Chaos

The evidence so far is that the police killed Mark Duggan and lied about his gun shooting an officer. They ignored protesting crowds till they rioted and responded too slowly and meekly to retake control.

Order From Chaos (or Hegelian dialectic or divide and rule if you want more examples) is how you control populations. Create a problem, divided the people and then ride to the rescue with a solution that was always the original intent but would never be accepted in times of peace and prosperity.

The British Police are in on it. The Media are in on it and The Politicians are in on it. If the penny hasn't dropped now that our elites are completely venal snouts in the trough it's unlikely you ever will.

I'm appalled at the rioting, 

I'm appalled by Facebook comments like 'time to get Syrian' on the looters? 

Really. Torture and indiscriminate death squads? 

I tell you there are groups of people who benefit from division. 

They have an economic crisis on their hands created by London City (a private corporation) looters who clean out with a keyboard tap. Decades of  profit first  people second mismanagement has created a social class of near feral youth.

I'm think they are playing the public like a violin. It's orchestrated years in advance and heavy police handling has kept it from erupting till the time to distract people was needed.

The people who understand this least are the rioters and the 'hang 'em 'n shoot 'em' crowd. Both are worlds apart from each other because people in the middle can see we're all connected. The media aren't connecting the dots.

I know it's easier from another continent to see this but we had a hundred killed by Royal Thai Army sniper head-shots last year after a suspicious department store fire. 

Order from Chaos.

Order Ab Chao.