Sunday 28 July 2013

If Only Napoleon Had Won At Waterloo

Only last week I was talking about how unthinkable it would be for a corporate celebrity to sing a song about a point in history like Waterloo. Now that music has been dumbed down to keep young consumers stupid and unconscious, pop sings about vacuous topics. A song about a turning point in history would be too WTF for today's consumers to enjoy.

However I decided to listen to this new interview with James Horak on Napoleon Bonaparte due to the synchronicity of Waterloo. It's well worth it just from a historical perspective.

James Horak, the interviewee, has (in my opinion) what John Lear calls UFO disease. This is the propensity of older men to embellish their UFO experiences as time goes on although this is an accusation John Lear too is unsuited to heap on others. That doesn't mean James Horak isn't intelligent. His grasp of history is superior to most. It's just he makes claims and correlations he can't prove about UFO's or EMV's and like John Lear draws a pension from the security state.