Saturday 27 February 2016

Meet the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Clinton, Prince Andrew & Dershowitz

Epstein, Ehud Barak, Larry Summers, Dershowitz, Les Wexner, Ghislaine Maxwell is clearly another paedophile network reminding the British researcher of another pro Zionist child abuse network closer to home.

Statistically a population of 0.2% having this much dominant influence in child abuse networks is like suggesting everyone connected to the Sandusky paedophile network is Welsh but don't worry about it because it's just a coincidence.

The Trump connection is worth understanding as Mossad daughter Ghislaine Maxwell recruited and trafficked Virginia Roberts from Trumps exclusive Palm Beach Mara Lago resort where she worked in the coat check room. Initially Trump defended his customer but later on ejected Epstein from the Mara Lago premises for hitting on another members daughter. He also called the Lawyer of Virginia Roberts and whatever was said convinced the Edwards the lawyer to declare that Trump clearly was not involved sexually in this milieu of international jet set child abusers and traffickers.

This could be interpreted as Donald Trump having the upper hand in terms of blackmail knowledge.

As 2016 is an election year I'm suggesting there is more to come out from this angle on the Clintons and other high flying politicians whose sexual preferences were intimately recorded and filed away after flying on the Lolita Express or staying on Fantasy Island.

Dershowitz is clearly getting worried as he has changed his story a few times, is now distancing himself from Epstein and recently started to sell of his Jewish rarities art collection

When Prince Andrew was implicated the Queen immediately promoted him to Vice Admiral and awarded him a Grand Cross Knight of the Royal Victorian Order as if to subdue any country that was behind the honeypot sting. I wonder what country that might be?

The world is run on symbols not words...

...and implicit threats.