Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Statistical Impossibility of Zionist Jewish PaedoSadists in Westminster

There were four major figures exposed as powerful paedosadists in Westminster. Three were Zionists Jews, Lord Leon Brittan, friend of Lord Danny Finkelstein, Lord Greville Janner and Sir Clement Freud. T the Gentile was Sir Cyril Smith.

The incredibly small Jewish population of the UK is around 0.5% of the population. 

For this tiny number to represent 75% of Westminster VIPpaedos is a statistical correlation worthy examination.

I claim British intelligence groom and blackmail paedosadists into power. My hypothesis is that it also acted as a counterweight against Israeli power so British Intelligence recruited and groomed as many Jews as they could find into power.

If you have a better hypothesis I'm all ears but the only alternative is Jews have a propensity for paedosadism which as we know from Rotherham isn't the case, however, I also claim the identifiable hand of the British deep state in letting that happen too. 

Divide and rule is the primary purpose of the intelligence services but nobody can distort the sample population figures. It's called Maths.