Saturday 17 September 2016

Why Do The Powerful Like Paedosadism?

Most people are like, yeah ritual satanic abuse of  kids is a front page story but a back page reality. 

That's not accurate all and a quick look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's connections to Child Procuror and Paedosadist Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates the closeness of power to the subject.

For example David Icke has claimed that Sandringham was a blood sacrifice location along with Balmoral Castle. Does this mean a convenient conspiracy theorist dumped a teenagers body there to add fuel to the rumours? Here's David on the issue. Looking like a little like a prophet these days isn't he?

The elites layers of society are well versed in the occult knowledge of energy flows and even though I've written about this from time to time, I've come across the information from Project Camelot that explains it even better than my last attempt which was based on what I learned from Jay Weidner. It all fits together the deeper the subject is studied, and I'm sorry but you need to know this information as the quicker it gets out the quicker we can protect children from being abused and exploited through the ignorance that it really does go on.

There does not seem to be any real understanding of WHY there is such a preoccupation with man-young boy sex within the ranks of the Illuminati.... And this gets into the secret behind stimulating kundalini energy in the base chakra in order to raise the sleeping cobra so that the energetics are tapped that can lead to samadhi and eventual enlightenment. This is done as a short circuit to reaching that goal. This is what the purpose is behind this low form of stimulation is... And why they are so preoccupied with it. As usual, they don't want to spend the years meditating and clearing their karma and their chakras.. they want a fast easy fix that will get them to the higher energetic areas. It's destructive and ultimately short-sighted but so is population elimination, enhancing the physical with robotics, and manipulating the genome. It all works together to form a poison concoction that in their view leads to ruling the worlds... Earth and beyond. Side note: of course there are plenty of those involved who are practicing this not with any understanding of its real purpose, instead they are simply into a power-domination-pain-pleasure syndrome.