Sunday 18 September 2016

The People's Voice | David Icke

When I was invited as a guest on The People's Voice I did so because I wished them well. However at the time I thought the idea of an internet television station was futile because that's exactly what Youtube is and their are a number of other sites if Youtube is censoring.

I never watched TPV but I was sad to hear that it had folded as a lot of people donated their money to see it succeed (2M Pounds).

Nobody can doubt that David Icke has done a grand job of waking up millions and I've enjoyed much of his information. He has never done a good job of explaining that his reptilian information is based on a huge amount of people coming to him and telling him of their first hand experiences in a short space of time. I suggest that may have been the intelligence services trying to lead him down a path that would discredit him even though the information is a lot older than just verbatim reports of claims made to him that he felt were credible.

Multiple unconnected first hand reports are the basis of journalism. This would be my explanation if I was David Icke instead of trying to say it's true.

Personally I love calling Trump and Hillary lizards because they are so scaly and it makes me laugh so I don't see what the big deal is. They certainly don't behave human.

David Icke's legacy for me has been diminished as he no longer has new information to share. The kind of people willing to listen to him for 12 hours at his live presentations are not the kind of people I'd enjoy dissecting his information with. Like Max Igan followers, many are looking for a fix rather than a solution.

I applaud his work and appreciate the personal sacrifice made in exposing the Banks, Bloodlines, Government, Zionism and many other cases of corruption often maligned as conspiracy by low information consumers of corporate media programming.

Unlike many others in the field of research I'm just as comfortable watching a Derrida presentation as I am a video about aliens. It's just information. Like the inflated holocaust figures and the fictitious gas chambers, it's the real philosophers that buckle up and investigate. The pseudo philosophers like to stay in the safety zone.

While researching this article I came across Chris Geo of The People's Voice decrying the amount of money that was wasted trying to set up a bad business model. However the information Chris and Sheree are pumping out on Truth Frequency Radio is of the lowest quality meconium with zero discernment, and journalistic integrity in the negative numbers.

There's no doubting the world is a lot stranger than many think. But the point is to grow with the information and revisit it not just regurgitage the latest episode of clearly identifiable bullshit.