Saturday 17 September 2016

The All Seeing Eye Scam

When looking closely at the groups that get together and reach consensus on who prints money (in complete silence in the media, politics, economics, academia and so forth) it seems to me the all seeing eye is the deception.

There's no way one person can control everything or there would be a coup from time to time. A more effective model would  be a group of people who acknowledge they are in a state of perpetual conflict for power but abide by a single rule. That rule is a bit more complicated to explain but it basically allows for power to act anonymously or through proxy. Once you're in that club you can do anything. As long as you're taking it out on the innocent and the already exploited in large numbers that profit the group or even less.

On this point pyramid model proselytizers need to be pressured. Either explain who the eye is or as I have done, explain what the eye is. After all it's the top of the pyramid at Giza that is missing. Very telling.