Saturday 17 September 2016

Tariq Ali's 9/11 Blindness

Dear Tariq

It pains me to respond to your recent 9/11 interview uploaded on Youtube but I was so offended by your words that I request you consider a more pluralist and nuanced opinion in future.

Like you I felt it preposterous that 9/11 was not orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden. I have no wish to persuade you otherwise but it is of critical intellectual importance that some sympathy is considered for the magnitude of distress that arises when over a period of years not months of research, I was obliged to change my opinion.

It is not a light decision. 

It poisons the well of good faith, attacks the integrity of consensus reality and earns the greatest of ridicule. It is so anathema to Western civilisation it has been career suicide in the past to be open on the matter. One can question the million deaths the ensuing war on Iraq incurred but one cannot question the veracity of the event that promulgated it. Is not this magnitude of deceit the strongest evidence that something is rotten in the heart of the Anglo Saxon TransAtlantic alliance?

It is crushing that the examples you used to argue your case were not very well informed points of order at all and require the worst excesses of damaging speculation to address. The sine qua non of the coincidence theorist is Building 7. Speak about that for ten minutes and no conspiracy realist will ever question your integrity.

Look, Tariq. I don't know if a plane or not hit the Pentagon because I've heard incredible arguments for both. I also don't know if it was an inside false flag or as some have framed it, a coup d'etat on the Bush Government that a new group were the new gang taking over.

The point is certainty is the last stance a person should make and that applies so much more to the people who believe the official narrative. To give these warmongers the benefit of trust makes no sense.

It is not easy to be persuasive on this matter. My intention is largely to convey one point so often not fully grasped. It is very painful to change one's mind on 9/11.. The consequences change one's life and bring great sorrow.

By the way I thought your 9/11 Berlin Cellar address in New York suggested you might be unable to be candid on the matter. Either way I ask you to be courteous to the complexity and power of consensus reality.


Charles Frith