Saturday 17 September 2016

Zionist Israeli Censorship of the Internet

I wrote this quite some time back and left it in draft, but it still has utility and is relevant so even though it's a bit rough I will publish it. There's a few good points made and they're still relevant though Posterous is now defunct. In my experience the only researchers worth a damn on the internet call out Zionist power. If someone isn't calling out Zionist Jewish Power while blaming the CIA, Hollywood, The Jesuits or the Vatican or whatever, thy either don't understand the problem or are too scared to state it. Usually it's the latter and this argument can be proven by numbers and simple statistics including probability mathematics so nobody ever argues against it except through childish ad hominem attacks.

Here is a point I want to make to anyone still reading. The internet may not be with us forever. Golden ages aren’t permanent or they wouldn’t be Golden and the Golden Age of the internet is largely  behind us. The future will .extend as long as we choose to collectively decide the materialist money grabbers and control freak feds are fight for it perpetually. The cockroaches aint going away. They are regrouping.

There’s a risk free way to fight back.

Open a fast start free anonymous blog such as tumblr, posterous or UTFG (Use the fucking Google) and I assure you that even if you have zero readers (Yes I said Zero) the data sniffers at the NSA and all the other parasite alphabet agencies have to factor in your criticism and dissatisfaction when formulating strategy. Their algorhithms weigh content and traffic but are unable to measure the future. Once it’s posted it exists.

These control freaks and peddlers of lies secrets and pain are getting very sloppy as they begin to panic. Decisions are rushed and even the flock don’t buy it every time like in the past. This is how it works when controllers start to lose the narrative.

Free speech on the net is under massive institutional attack and the first battle was won but did you know we lost the second one within 24 hours? RIP Megaupload A pioneer of freedom sharing.

In this golden age of internet free speech and its lowest possible cost, instantaneous global footprint and anonymity is there any remaining reason for not having a story and a few blog posts to share with the grand children or next generation to show integrity?

We are not defined so much by what we withhold as by what we share.

It’s a human trait elites don’t understand so get stuck in and puke your guts up online. The NSA is the morning cleaner. Always have been.