Thursday, 22 September 2016

Conspiracy Theory (1997) | Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts

A Hollywood movie about conspiracy theories is pretty much the last format I've ever have considered taking seriously. However, despite the over the top, too-paranoid-to-take-seriously, and buffoon-clown behaviour of Mel Gibson there are a few nuggets. 

The first hint is when he talks about "they" or "them" as NASA, among others.

In 1997 very few people would have entertained NASA as a deep state player but we now know most of the visuals they pump out, if not all, are completely synthetic, and that they played a huge role in the industrialisation processes of mind-controlled victims through trauma-based dissociative techniques. The evidence is mainly testimonial (although disparate sources state the same details) and of course the connection between Operation Paperclip NASA and Mind Control Nazis is self-evident.

Most mind control is done through Hollywood and Corporate Media programming coupled with some dietary factors like fluoride addition, GMOs (OMGs) and Big Pharma. This is easy to see when observing people who would rather eat their own vomit than discuss reality.

However those who claim that MKULTRA and mind control programmes to create assassins and so forth are largely fictional/exaggerated, simply haven't done their homework. Presidents, Sports Stars, Spooks and Celebrities are reliably documented MKULTRA victims and even mentioned in the mainstream Hollywood narrative (if you know what you're looking for).

Many are used in Occult rituals for their genetic propensity to manifest demons, djinns or whatever vocabulary you prefer to describe non-orthodox entities.

The movie is also interesting because it confirms that the mind control techniques which used to be Secret Society intelligence, spilt over into the CIA, NASA and all the other sadistic poisonous groups that infect consumer society with events that most have no idea of how to explain. 

So it's factional mind control wars which is fairly logical if the researcher thinks it through, and Trump vs Clinton is a working example of this dynamic at some level.