Monday 21 March 2016

Jacob Cohen - How Zionists Used Anti Semitic Attacks To Populate Israel

Jacob Cohen is a Moroccan Jew who as a young man was invited to join a Zionist secret society. It was in this time as a young man in the 50's he learned how the Zionists created waves of clandestine violence against the Moroccan Jewish ghettos in order to drive immigration into the newly established Spartan state of Israel.

The same tactics were used in 1939 Germany and led to the holocaust. In this respect Zionism is a key driver of the death and persecution of Jews. In this stunning interview he talks about the Sayanim network which is a de facto global army of Zionist assets who collaborate with Mossad in everything from false flag attacks like 9/11 and The Lavon Affair.

He also talks about the manufacture of holocaust inflation in the 70's, a subject that had no name in the 50's and was synthesized into an episode that is now the primary hammer of emotional leverage against the transatlantic world.