Thursday, 24 March 2016

Solving 9/11 2016 with Christopher Bollyn- Hagerstown MD Jan 28, 2016

Christopher Bollyn's only weakness is all too often evident with top 9/11 researchers. He is incapable of recognising other people's work and being generous about paying respect to them as indeed they are miserly to him. 

However his work is largely solid though he has a clear flaw in relying on nano-thermite as a singular cause.

The diagonal cuts on the steel box beams of the WTC are an oxymoron with the ability of nanothermite to disintegrate the beams entirely. Either they they fell on top of each other (enhanced pancake theory) or were blown up stage by stage. There is no need for diagonal cuts and furthermore I suspect those diagonal slices may have been done after 9/11 to remove wreckage.

Lastly all the top researchers dismiss Dr Judy Woods work and it's clear that what took place on that day cannot be entirely explained by traditional physics. Unlike these swelling egos I consume everyone's work and can synthesize simple propositions like:

"Maybe three or more methodologies were used to destroy the Twin Towers"

I'm confident my analysis will be proven correct in the future. I'm also more interested in naming the perpetrators and on this point Mr Bollyn is the strongest.